The Speaking Piano

Somehow, it seems Boing Boing never covered this 2009 project from Austrian composer Peter Ablinger: a "speaking piano" that recites the Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court at World Venice Forum 2009. The keys are struck by solenoids, and the resulting sound mimics human speech. The video is a TV news report in German, but what the piano "says" is all English.

There's a translation here, and more at an archival Hackaday post.

(thanks, Mikael Jorgensen!)


  1. That is on point rad! I love when we as humans try to break down what is common in nature, interpret the data, and then re-interpret into visual or audible content in a different form! so cool!

  2. That may be English, but the accent is a bit thick.  I can clearly understand this guitar however.

  3. it is amazing that when you meet the kid whose voice they used it turns out he has something of a lisp that clearly explains why it doesn’t sound quite right. This is strange, because all the german is pronounced with typical german precision.

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