Our Wedding Song: stories of 4 elderly couples, through songs that played at their marriages

As regular Boing Boing readers know, I have a soft spot in my heart for the talented and sweet musicians behind CDZA (Collective Cadenza), by far one of the most innovative and experimental of YouTube's new channels. This week's installment of CDZA is their best ever. As you watch, I challenge you not to discover that someone is cutting onions in the room where you're sitting. Beautiful work, Joe Sabia and crew. Beautiful.

Video Link.


      1. Oh come on. That was nice. You’ve got to melt a little when you see people who’ve been happy together for 60+ years…. don’t you?

          1. @Antinous_Moderator:disqus  and for the ultimate in irony, that was on the telly the other night, and I toyed with the idea of watching it. Sadly, I didn’t get through the opening credits. If I’d persisted, this horrible tragedy could have been avoided.

          2. I think it would have helped if you’d added the exclamation mark.  Neither of them says anything in that movie that ends in a period.

  1. Usually I only bother to log in to correct people about how long the rabies virus can live in a frozen corpse or something but… Xeni, I love ya girl. 

  2. if they make this video again in 20 years and interview my brother and his wife the song will be “Madrigal” by Rush which they used instead of “here comes the bride”.

    Awesome band at the reception. MY SIL’s grandfather was in a Texas Swing band that also played a lot of blues. Grandpa is dead now, but he left my bro a couple of 1950’s Gibsons that are worth a few thou each. I don’t understand this obsession with vintage instruments. I bought a cheap robotically made Squier VMJ bass that is as good as any of the Fender jazz basses of the sixties it copies, and it was dirt cheap.

  3. If you can find it anywhere, I recommend  “For Better or For Worse”, by David Collier. An Academy nominated Best Documentary of 1993 it takes a down to earth but loving look at several couples who were married or together for at least 50 years. Sometimes sweet, sometimes feisty, the couples interviewed talk about what it took to stay together for such a long time even wondering themselves at how they managed it.

  4. I never got the phrase, “by far one of the most.” What does that mean? I know what “by far the most” or “one of the most” mean.

    (pet peeve)

  5. Aww. This makes me go all squooshy inside. 

    Thanks to BoingBoing for passing it along, thanks to CDZA for making it, and especially thanks to these cute couples for sharing their stories.

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