Scott Sigler's new MONSTROSITY show, plus a tour of my office

Scott Sigler's got a new YouTube show called Monstrosity, and he interviewed me (and several others!) for it. I also gave him a shakycam tour of my beloved office, which he's posted as a bonus ep.


  1. I’ve been listening to Scott Sigler’s podcast, starting with Earthcore, for a while now. It’s pretty great stuff.

  2. Very cool carved skull. Did I hear that right that the stone tool is 200,000 years old? That’s a nice souvenir, and much less risky than a butterfly.

      1. That’s amazing… the prices on their web site are 1/100th of what I would have guessed. Do they come with provenance documentation?

        Though you could have let us go on thinking that there was some infinitesimal possibility that it was from a time-travelling jaunt.

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