EFF-Austin benefit after Cory's Book People event on Feb 22

After my event at Austin's Book People on Feb 22, I'll be doing a benefit for EFF-Austin on their location privacy campaign. We did this the last time I came through town and it was tremendous -- come on out!

An evening with Cory Doctorow and EFF-Austin


  1. February 22 is correct – looking for a correction to pop up Soon. Not only will there be Schwa products, but Schwa instigator Bill Barker designed the flyer! I haven’t seen the goodies to be sold, but I’m told Bill sent over some great leftover Schwa era stuff.

  2. While you’re down there, would you ask EFF-Austin for the 5 dollars they owe me?  19 years ago I went to hear Bruce Sterling speak about the Clipper chip etc.  He told us about the work that EFF was doing.  (EDIT: He also mentioned bOING bOING as it was then known.) Afterward, he said he could sign up anyone interested, so I gave him 5 bucks, my name, and address.  I never heard anything and now I no longer live in the area.  (He did keep eyeing me suspiciously, like he thought I was HUAC or some such — I got this treatment from Johnny Rat once, too.)

    Much obliged…

  3. I’ve sent a box of most of the stickers that I made, many cards, bookmarks and a few keychains. It sounds like a fun event!

    — Bill Barker

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