Best. Harlem. Shake. Ever.

JWZ's law: "Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail."

Doctorow's law: "Every meme advances until it destroys white goods."

Best Harlem Shake EVER (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Finally watched some HS vids today, so this is a kind of kismet that tells me the shark has been jumped. REPEAT: THE SHARK HAS BEEN JUMPED

  2. Yesterday I got a new, big-ass TV with an input for my computer.  one of my buddies dropped by and he and my roommate were using his computer to watch HS videos while I surfed the internet on my laptop.  I re-loaded BB and this post came up.  “hey guys, here’s one,” jacked into the TV and hit play.

    based on the peals of laughter it provoked among us all, you are 100% correct, Cory.  it was the best.  ever.

    1.  Who is an all-around fantastic guy. He’s basically the 50s car mechanic “we’ll just weld this on here and bolt another air intake on top and it’ll be better than new”-type, except in the field of high-voltage equipment.

  3. No idea why destroying an appliance worth several hundred dollars that lots of people couldn’t even afford to buy in the first place is funny.  Must be first-world humor.

    1. No idea why destroying a broken appliance with no resale or practical use value to speak of in a spectacular and amusing way is worthy of petty boring handwringing concern-trolling. Must be EVERY BOINGBOING COMMENT THREAD.

    2.  before he threw the brick in, you didn’t notice the smoke billowing out of the back of it?  it’s been a long time since that beast was worth several hundred dollars.  or even a single dollar.  if you wanted to spend several hours stripping out all the wiring and plastic, you could get maybe $20 for the steel from the scrap metal guy.  probably more like $15.

      it’s worth lies not in resale value, but in comedic value.  though a sense of humor *is* a prerequisite.

      1. That is so INSENSTIIVE! All you have to do is package it up and ship it to  one of those places in India where all the cute and hungry little Indian kids cut apart those ships and they’ll strip this to parts like a pack of grade-school pirhanas. That can survive in salt-water. On a polluted beach. With feet. anyway.

        To find HUMUR in such a waste is RACIST!

      1. It’s almost March, and as someone who hasn’t even been able to scrape together February’s rent yet, I also found the video funny.

        1. I liked it in 2010, still like it today.  I have a Reagan-era Kenmore that’s not much longer for this world.  I’d send it out in this fashion, only since it’s a toploader I suspect it won’t be quite so much fun.  But what the hell, maybe I’ll give it a shot.

          When its day comes, I’ll make sure to let y’all know.

          1. I look forward to that comparison.  This one would have Eisenhower’s familiarity with Energy Star compliance.  That said, it’s been a reliable, leakproof workhorse that has produced squeaky clean laundry for a generation.

            Though maybe my jeans shouldn’t actually squeak.

  4. We bought a new washer and dryer six months ago.  Our old appliances still worked fine, but they were not ‘high efficiency’.  I felt bad about sending them away for no more reason than they were old.  Now I feel like I put them up for adoption, only to find out they’ve had experiments conducted on them.

    1. It all depends on where you sent them.  The Daisy Hill Retired Laundrette Farm?  Or Cap’n Sparky’s Mad Science Prop Shop?

      1. Lowe’s both delivered and picked up.  They’re sold for scrap, they told us.  But now I suspect they went  to Dr. Horrible’s laboratory for rejected pup…er, appliances.   **stink-eye**

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