Amp made out of old brass instruments

The Analog Tele-Phonographer is Christopher Locke's fantastic smartphone amplifier made from salvaged, chimeraed brass instruments. Each one is different, and each one is awesome in its own way.

These devices are made from salvaged trumpets and other brass instruments, with assorted machine parts.

Analog Tele-Phonographer


18 Responses to “Amp made out of old brass instruments”

  1. mzed says:

    Nice.  I think you grabbed the description from this guy: There’s plenty of good work in that gentleman’s portfolio.

  2. timquinn says:


    (your mileage may vary, some restrictions may apply)

  3. Now you just need a little dog listening to it.

  4. austinhamman says:

    details seemed hard to come by, how does it WORK? does it amplify the onboard speaker (if so then it’s dependent on the speaker being in a certain spot…im assuming the back) or does it have its own speaker inside the tube and use the headphone jack?

  5. euansmith says:

    Very nice piece of work.

  6. dragonfrog says:

    Not really an amplifier, is it?  More a beautiful speaker cabinet in which you mount the speaker cone built into the phone.

  7. Paul Downs says:

    Why would you buy one for 700 odd bucks without knowing what it sounds like?  Except as art I guess but then it seems to be practical so… err yeah I’d really want to know what my audio art sounded like. They look good though, could imagine one mounted on a wall to confuse people until you demonstrate it.

  8. Jacarutu! says:

    Isn’t the speaker on the left of the underside of the iphone and the microphone on the right? This configuration would make it a great listening device but a poor speaker….

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