Invisible bank robber captured


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  1. Did the magic involve lemon juice?

  2. I’m sure he has an excellent case to sue the wizard for breach of contract.

  3. Interesting the article has to distinctly describe “fake sorcerer”. I guess we should infer that we all consult reputable genuine sorcerers to not fall into the same trap.

    • CH says:

      He should have asked for Sorcerery Certifications. Any reputable sorcerer should have at least a handful of them.

      • knoxblox says:

         A good rule of thumb would be to ask the wizard for a demonstration before the sale was final, I think.

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          He probably did.
          “So did it work? Am I invisible?”
          “Yes! I can’t see you at all.”
          “But I can see myself in the mirror.”
          “Well, of course you can see yourself. That’s how the spell works.”
          “Oh…. Well…. That’s all right then.”

  4. Man, if this guy had any sense he would have insisted on paying the wizard with money he’d stolen once invisible.

  5. You just can’t find reliable wizards these days.

  6. peregrinus says:

    I think I’d be somewhat more cautious about paying someone to make me disappear.

  7. Jake Rennie says:

    I’m getting a sudden sense of deja vu. Is it just me, or was this story already posted to BoingBoing previously?

  8. CH says:

    $450??? Invisibility sure comes cheap these days! (Perhaps it is a scam, and you have to pay an obscene amount to be turned visible again.)

  9. Lemoutan says:

    Maybe he’ll also pay to make the story go away.

  10. Felton / Moderator says:

    $450 only pays for about a half hour of invisibility.  It’s not the wizard’s fault if the robber wasn’t prompt.

  11. Steve White says:

    Everyone freaked out when money started floating around the room. That was the flaw in the plan.

  12. Dan Hibiki says:

    Did you make an attack action? Well there’s your problem!

  13. He obviously shouldn’t have worn clothing which stayed visible.  Has he never seen Claude Rains movies?

  14. Brainspore says:

    I bet that wizard disappeared with the money pretty quick.

  15. silkox says:

    I’m afraid this might not be very funny in Tehran.

  16. angusm says:

    You rush a miracle worker, you get lousy miracles.

  17. fnc says:

    He wasn’t told that the invisibility spell only works when nobody is looking at you.

  18. Why is there no video of this???

  19. Eugéne Roux says:

    Sheesh… Obviously this was a *good* wizard. This guy was trying to use his power for *evil*.

    So while the wizard might have been slightly naïve (next time, please ask *why* he wants to be invisible… Hint: women’s locker rooms and banks are not good reasons!) but at least he cancelled the spell as soon as he found out.

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