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9 Responses to “Shaking Through: online documentary series about the birth of a song”

  1. Sean Lally says:

    The best documentary on the search for inspirado:



  3. aperturehead says:

    An obscure British band The Beatles recorded their first album “Please Please Me” in 9 hours and 45 minutes.
    The album still seems to be in print, but I’m not sure what became of the actual group.

    PS – I’ve been having major problems lately with the over-use and mis-appropriation of the term DOCUMENTARY.

    In this case, the goal to create a song in two days and the filming of the musicians trying to achieve that goal are of the same process – there’s no real outer perspective presented. To me, this is a television show with fancy lighting, intricate set-up shots with a production quality linked to the overall concept – it’s a show not a documentary – in the same way that “Honey Boo Boo” or “Survivor” are not documentaries but rather TV shows. Filming is not necessarily “documenting” in an artistic sense

  4. Mike The Bard says:

    My I just mention that February is also the month of the RPM Challenge?  28 days, 10 songs, no invite necessary.


  5. Joel Buxton says:

    A song in two days?  Pfft, we’ve been doing a new one every week just over the halfway point to a year.  Nobody seems to care, unfortunately. http://www.brunswickproject.com