Great moments in pedantry: Actually, there is a Jedi mind meld

It's right there in the Expanded Universe book series, says Chris Peterson, a research assistant in MIT's Center for Civic Media. It's a form of group communication. What's more, Peterson writes, if you follow the theories of anthropologist and sociologist of science Bruno Latour, the Jedi meld might actually be the most useful tool for Obama to employ. (Thanks Ryan!)


  1. Finally we learn the President’s position on a truly important issue.  Now does anyone know at Boehner’s stance on the limits of Star Wars canon?

  2. I’m really torn as to whether this represents an elevation, or a profound degradation, of national political discourse.  Maybe a bit of both.

    Anyway, Jesus, there was bound to be a Jedi mind meld at some point or another.  Probably a routine enough occurrence when a bunch of Jedi’s rock back to somebody’s place after a nightclub.  

  3. i don’t know why anyone’s surprised. didn’t they even show it in one of the prequels movies? seems like there was a point where some mental meeting was going on.

  4. Well, if I’ve got headcanon, so does the President, right?

    Or…does his position of power make Presidential headcanon a bad idea? That could go horribly wrong.

  5. Sort of slightly unrelated, but I wonder if at some point we’ll get a Star Trek/Doctor Who/Star Wars crossover? I’m wondering because I just finished reading the Star Trek:TNG/Doctor Who  cross over… 

  6. I’m not buying it. That’s pretty darn obscure Star Wars lore. I smell a cover-up. WHAT DID THE PRESIDENT KNOW ABOUT THE JEDI, AND WHEN DID HE KNOW IT?

    1. What does it say about me that I didn’t realize this was obscure?

      Also, a few years ago I assumed everyone knew Boba Fett didn’t die in the Sarlacc pit in RotJ.

  7. Like another commentator on the MIT link posted, I like the meta-metaphor of the Meld, an apparent amalgam of two scifi ideas (though now proven to be accurate in its canon.)

    Can’t we all just along?

  8. The Zahn book they mentioned was a prequel.  In 1991, he started what some call the Thrawn trilogy, where an Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn finds an insane clone of Jorus C’Baoth to coordinate troops.  In the story line, Thrawn alleges that the Emperor had been coordinating forces in such a way.

    Come to think of it, I was a bit more of a loner in high school than I may have realized, and I’m pretty sure Zahn ruined the prequel movies for us.

  9. Well, that seems like the sort of inane blathering someone named Chris Peterson would engage in; “Get A Life – The Expanded Universe”?

  10. Obama obviously confused his references. That there happens to be a reference that sort of sounds like it and arguably fits the circumstances doesn’t change the fact that the sequester is happening. I don’t think the existence of “Jedi Meld” legitimizes Obama’s failure to avoid the sequester.

  11. Quimby: You might say I feel like….Radiation Man!
    Jimbo: That’s Radioactive Man, jerk!
    Quimby: “Of course; how silly of me… Get that punks name, nobody makes a fool out of Diamond Joe Quimby!”


    He was talking about using a Jedi Mind Meld with the OPPOSITION.

    Was he hoping they’d grow stronger in their force powers through the meld to oppose him more effectively?

    Or was he hoping their uniformity in the Meld would allow them to sway HIM as the Meld works to sway the SINGLE PERSON straying from the group approved path?

    Yes, “Jedi Meld” or “Force Meld” is a term… NO it isn’t “Jedi Mind Meld” and NO it doesn’t make sense in context with what Obama was saying.

    I’m not sure why anyone, even someone from MIT thinks this is helpful.

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