Horror/sf play by a four-year-old

Rachel Bublitz's four year old Audrey wrote her first play:

Characters: Scare People, F, very tall, wears a mask, growls, 18 years old. She goes to scare people school. She is an octopus monster with wings.

Audrey, F, 11 years old. Wears monkey pajamas.

Synopsis: Audrey tries to get Scare People out of her house.



    1. as in .44 “Did he fire six shots or only five?”
      “[narrating, after BB gun shot bounces off target and hits his face] Oh my god, I shot my eye out!”

    1.  I like Edgar Rice Burroughs descriptions, “It was a panther, with six legs, tentacles and a purple spotted pelt… did I mention the tentacles? But it was definitely a panther, no mistaking it… yep, Carson Napier, that’s definitely a panther, that is.”

        1. Wasn’t that based on the beastie from Van Vogt’s Voyage of the Space Beagle, or am I thinking of something else?

  1. 4 years old. Writing. This play. Her power exceeds that of most of us here on BB. Just look at that, willya?

  2. Its a nice start, but there’s gonna need a lot reworking for this to get picked up for a movie adaptation. For one thing there’s too much character development and not enough explosions. Also I’m not sure how major studios are gonna feel about octopi tentacles, people might unintentionally confuse it with something wrong and Japanese. Might I suggest spider legs instead, they have the same number and people dont typically confuse them with cephalapod-o-philia. Because fucking spiders.

  3. Love the ending

    “Then I won’t go into the refrigerator. I’m going to sleep.”
    AUDREY exits to go to sleep. End of play

    No resolution and leaves open a chance for a sequel.

  4. Parenting: someone’s doin’ it right! :) 
    Love it!!!”AUDREY stabs SCARE PEOPLE with the pen again. SCARE PEOPLE puts on another band aid.”

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