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14 Responses to “Toy "blooming flower" uses nested, dyed fans of tissue paper to surprise, delight”

  1. s2redux says:

    Can we thus assume that you finally got your bloomers back from United?

  2. laurakeet says:

    I loved these things when I was a kid! Got them at the gift shop of the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, I think.

  3. hungryjoe says:

    Here’s a vaguely similar thing we saw a lot in China:

  4. Steve White says:

    I got my three years olds these several years ago in Chinatown. Endlessly cool and surprisingly durable.

  5. Sekino says:

    That brings me back! My aunt got me one when I was a kid. They’re fascinating.

  6. There was one left at the Amazon link, so I grabbed it. At least I thought I did: We’re sorry. Some items became unavailable after you added them to your shopping cart. Click here to return to the product detail page and try another seller.

  7. Timmo Warner says:

    Sometimes I can put them on my shirt? When? When?!

  8. GlenBlank says:

    I have one of those sitting about two feet from my keyboard in a pencil jar.  It was a favorite among the acolytes of the Church of the Holy Toy, a religion I accidentally invented after-hours at the old LHC RenFaire in Agoura.

    I once had a strolling magician aboard an Amtrak train from Santa Barbara to LA invite me to the Magic Castle after I gave him the one I had at the time, which I’d demonstrated as a response to his sleight-of-hand. (Lost his card, though, and couldn’t recall his name, so I never got to take him up on it.)

  9. Dimmer says:

    “I once had a strolling magician aboard an Amtrak train … invite me to the Magic Castle after I gave him … one”

    Two innuendos in one sentence. Prizes! Maybe even three if you count the “Magic Castle”.

  10. blueelm says:

    Oh wow. I had several of these as a child. I never knew how they worked and was not the sort of kid to strike or shake a toy. So I would just kind of open them a little and then shut them back thinking “wow, these things are too easy to break.”