Kickstarting an anthology of speculative fiction with marginalized people as heroes


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  1. Mordicai says:

    Yeah, it is funny to me how many cyber”punk” & steam”punk” novels are not subversive in any way shape or form.  Hooray for this!

  2. MadLogician says:

    Sounds good.  Backed.

  3. retepslluerb says:

    Any sufficiently advanced subculture is indistinguishable from mainstream.

  4. oasisob1 says:

    If this were Speculative Science Fiction focused on minor characters in SF stories I’d be all over it. Someone do that, please.

  5. James Penrose says:

    “$20,000, which will let us buy ~50,000 more words at SFWA pro rates of 5¢/word–’

    That’d be $2,500 if I am not mistaken in my arithmetic.   Leaving a tidy $17,500 for what?  Overhead?

    Sounds more like a government project to me.

    • That’s $20,000 TOTAL. The initial goal ($12,000) covers the cost of the initial 100,000 words, plus cover art, editing, copyediting, proofs, and all the other production costs, plus Kickstarter and Amazon fees, plus taxes, PLUS rewards for backers (print copies for example).

      The additional $8,000 will pay for the extra fees, taxes and rewards, plus the extra cost of buying and shipping larger (i.e. heavier) books, plus the extra money to additional authors.

      Oh and the $8,000 also has to cover the cost of recording an original song, which is the stretch goal for when the Kickstarter hits $15,000.

  6. echar says:

    This is an excellent idea.

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