Teacup, spoon and saucer made from cicada body-parts

Carrianne Bullard made this teaset out of the wings and legs of cicadas. It's got a lovely Silence-of-the-Lambs meets Tinkerbell vibe.

Carrianne Bullard (Object Cicada wings, legs) (via Bruce Sterling's Tumblr)


  1. The moral world of BoingBoing: some animals can be dissected without guilt for “Maker” purposes. I imagine if someone made a teaset out of cat bones and whiskers, it wouldn’t be described as having a “lovely Silence-of-the-Lambs-meets-Tinkerbell vibe”.

      1. And all those cute dead squirrels & kittens from bygone times wearing costumes.

        I don’t think anyone killed any cicadas & dissected them purely to make teacups.

    1. Everything is material for art including dead cicadas, dead cats, and human cadavers. As long as the materials weren’t killed for art’s sake, I say why not.

      1. You just reminded me of Roger Corman’s A Bucket of Blood.

        “What is it?”
        “It’s a … full-length, life-size figure.”
        “Crazy!  What is it called?”
        “Um … ‘Murdered Man.'”

        1. Thank you. Bucket Of Blood is one of my favorite movies. My parents, long before they were my parents or even married, also went to see it on one of their first dates. I’ve often said that explains a lot about me. Crazy!

    2. Kitty skulls are used to make demitasse cups.  You have to move up in animal size if you want a regular sized cup.

    3. It’s not like we’re not eating the yummy bits first.  It’s the moral equivalent of dyeing Easter eggs.

    4. If, every summer, millions of cats dug themselves out of the ground after metamorphosing from their subterranean larval kitten form, and meowed at high volume for weeks while clinging to the bark of trees before dropping dead, I think you’d see a lot more cat-part-based arts and crafts.

    5. The moral world of BoingBoing: some animals can be dissected without guilt for “Maker” purposes.

      I find that many dead cicadas on my deck in a week.

        1. If they’re perfect, I just scatter them around the house as seasonal decorations.

  2. “Silence of the Lambs” mashed up with “Peter Pan”. 

    Now there’s a movie I would pay to see!  Show me the sick, sick love. 
    Mister Cronenberg?  Mister Lynch?  How about it, guys?  

  3. Do you know how bad I want to wet my fingertip and glide it gently around and around the rim of the cup? Pretty sure what sound it would make…

  4. It’s got a lovely Silence-of-the-Lambs meets Tinkerbell vibe.

    I’m sure the fanfic is already on its way.

    P.S. Does anybody else think that Red Dragon is a much superior book to Silence of the Lambs? I always found Graham to be by far the most interesting focal character.

  5. So that’s why cicadas are so loud: so much screaming it goes both ways along the timeline. Good to know, I guess?

  6. During one of the 13-year cicada invasions a friend of mine planned to turn them into paperweights. He asked me to collect a hundred, which took about ten minutes, so he said, “Fine, collect two hundred.”

    Of course it was easy since I was picking up dead ones, but, unfortunately, we found that the dead cicadas didn’t have the lovely red eyes the live ones had. 

    1. Lovely red eyes?!  Lovely red eyes?!!  Jesus f*g wept, lovely red eyes?  They’re frightening, horrific, abominable!  Eyes that aren’t freaking blue are terrifying!

      The Terminator.  Rats.  White rabbits.  Strange hamsters.  Hal.  Eyes!  Red eyes!   Aaaaaah the eyes!

      1. I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to take a stress pill, sit down calmly, and think things over. Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting! I’ll be back.

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