New Brazilian environmental political party based on social networking


3 Responses to “New Brazilian environmental political party based on social networking”

  1. Kenneth Camargo Jr. says:

    That party is a joke. Among their first statements they claimed they were neither situation nor opposition. There is absolutely no ideological clarity to it. Its key figure is a religious fundamentalist that stated she would bring the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex civil unions to a referendum. As 90% of Brazilian political parties it is  but a vehicle for personalist politics.

  2. Bruno Leonardo Neves Machado says:

    Marina Silva, the party’s most important name, is also considered the enemy by some of the Amazon forest defenders.

  3. Tiago Hackbarth says:

    Although innovative on the use of a social networking to recruit, the Sustainability Network, isn’t really good news in the political scene of Brazil. Like other commenters said, the party (that intentionally refuse to have the term ‘party’ attached to their name) doesn’t have social positions, political positions, nor orientation or ideological issues to defend. It isn’t left, or right, or liberal, or conservative, it is simply a grand initiative for nothing at all.

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