Reversible Journey hoodie

Redditor Volpinazzurra made her own reversible hoodie inspired by the hero of the indie-game smash Journey. Alas, the labor that went into this makes it uneconomical for wider production and sale ("it took me way too long to be profitable!") but Volpinazzurra says she's considering offering the pattern for sale.

I wondered why no one had thought to make a Journey hoodie.... So I made a Journey hoodie! (via Waxy)


      1. Not even remotely the same game.

        Journey Escape for the 2600 was released in 82 and you had to get the band past obstacles like love-crazed groupies to their escape vehicle so they could get to the next concert.

        The Journey arcade game was released in 83 and you had to reunite the band members with their instruments which are on different planets, then get them back to their vehicle at which they perform a concert.  During the concert, you play a bouncer who tries to keep fans off the stage.  When a fan gets past, it steals the instruments and you have to find them (and on and on).

        1. You know, I played both at the time (and after) and never realized (remembered) they had different plots!

  1. I too was hoping for the cabinet version.  The Ross Valory part always tripped me up.     

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