Funny French toilet paper TV commercial

Clever TV commercial for Le Trèfle toilet paper by the Leo Burnett ad agency. (Thanks, David Steinberg!)


    1. shhh! The first– err, second rule of using your portable device on the toilet club is you don’t talk about using your portable device on the toilet…

      1. If my internet knowledge is correct, half of the using your portable device on the toilet club is not aware of the rules of the using your portable device on the toilet club. Either that or there is some sort of Project Mayhem that reclutes members by tempting them with the whole toilet idea and then not accepting them because they’re too young or too old.

  1. Would we consider dishes to be clean if we just rubbed them with dry paper?

    Bidets are better anyway. My paper consumption has dropped precipitously.

      1. I shit in my toilet which has a bidet toilet seat on it. (Samsung SBD-970C if you’re ineterested)

  2. Holy crap, you scratch up the back of my tablet by doing that and we are going to have some words. I don’t even like my tablet, but that is no excuse for ruining the thing by sliding it on gritty tiles with no case.

    1.  If he’s going to be such a patronizing dickhead, I’d say Emma showed admirable restraint by sliding it face up.

      1. My guess is that the actor who plays the husband now encounters a lot of hostility when he goes out in public.

    1. yeah. that was the real shocker to me. what self-respecting francophone would accept a television advert in english? possibly the quebecois, are we sure this isn’t canadian?

  3. Kinda weird. If I look at the stream on, it shows the youtube version. If I go to this page, it shows the vimeo poster, but the embedded video here gives me “Sorry, this video is currently available on”.

  4. Reminds me of the old joke in the Soviet Union where soviet mom tells young son, “Go down to the newspaper stand, buy Pravda for father, Izvestia for me and a copy of Komsomol Pravda for you.” Soviet father meets son on his way to the newspaper stand and sends him back home with a message to soviet mom to stop wasting money on newspapers full of communist party lies. When young soviet son walks back home and explains what happened, soviet mom sighs heavily. Soviet mom then takes some money back from her son and says,”Go down to the newspaper stand, buy Izvestia for me, a copy of Komsomol Pravda for you and your father can wipe his ass on the radio.” Not surprising that a french company might reference that joke considering the current Hollande government.

  5. Your last sentence…Really? Wasting such an interesting joke for such an idiotic ending. Hollande is a French socialist not the new Stalin.

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