Global children with their favorite toys


Toyssssss Gabriele Galimberti photographed children around the world posed with their favorite toys and possessions. At top, Pavel (Kiev, Ucraina). Above, Maudy (Kalulushi, Zambia) and Noel (Dallas, Texas). "Toy Stories"


  1. This seems like a combination “serious kid/kentucky” site.  I find it fascinating, yet just a bit disturbing.  C’mon kids, you should be playing with that fun-looking stuff!

  2. The kid with the guns is kinda terryfying. And the bob hat doesn’t fit in the collection. I wonder where is he from US or UK?
    Edit: Neither. Kiev damn!
    the stark diferences between the wealthy and the poor kids make me so damn sad

  3. Who spells Ukraine as “Ucraina”? Weird!

    But yeah, the contrast is astonishing, yet you can still see prevailing patterns (e.g. that boys like speed and weapons)…

  4. That girl from Haiti: one doll with 4 dresses, and the rest of the “toys” are plastic hair clips and ponytail holders.  When I look at some of these photos, I think “toy” is being translated into “something that is specifically mine instead of being for the whole family”.

    What’s with the girl from Utah, who supposedly only has about 8 bats (and one ball)?

  5. when you say “global”, you mean : “outside western world” ? I remember Gilberto Gil  interviewed : “the Roman used to call “the world”, the roman empire ; everything else was outside the world. Now you call “world music” everything that’s OUTSIDE your empire.” 

    1. Pretty sure Texas, Colorado, Alaska, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, and Utah are considered parts of the “western world.” (We are looking for a nice world to take Texas off our hands though.)

      Interesting to see that girls’ toys are boring and stupid everywhere.

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