Glitched out blankets and tapestries

Phillip Stearns is an artist who commissions blankets and tapestries woven in the USA with glitch-art patterns he generates with broken digital cameras. They're for sale! $200+



(via Kottke)


    1.  Ha!  It sure does!!  I came on here to mention that very thing and found that you already had…


  1. “Phillip Stearns is an artist who commissions blankets and tapestries ”

    Wait, he’s an artist who commissions things? Isn’t the person commissioned usually the artist? And the art is based on corrupted images? It sounds like he’s emailing jpegs to the actual artist/artisan the way it’s written. Like, if I point at the landscape and tell a painter to paint it, am I the artist?

  2. Crafting pedant, here, just pointing out that the fabric in the larger pic is knit, not woven.

    Crafting pedant out.

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