Control-Alt-Hack: delightful strategy card game about white-hat hacking


4 Responses to “Control-Alt-Hack: delightful strategy card game about white-hat hacking”

  1. Andrew Singleton says:

    I must posess this game now.

    Now i need to find people that live near me to play it with. :(

  2. tdenning says:

    It’s for sale at, but Amazon won’t ship internationally.  For international orders, go to 

  3. Godai Group says:

    Hi Cory and fellow Boing Boing readers. We at are also selling Control-Alt-Hack and would like to offer a $5 discount to you all. Just enter the coupon code “BoingBoing” (without the quotes) at the checkout page. Cheers.

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      *eyeing page*

      Oh hey the recommended routers to make a piratebox with.

      *looks at bank account*

      Spawn money damned you.

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