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29 Responses to “Jimi Hendrix on a gayageum”

  1. Crashproof says:

    That is exactly what my morning needed, and I didn’t know it until I saw it.

  2. knoxblox says:

    Take my money, and Kickstart a CD, like yesterday!

  3. fromnabulax fromnabulax says:

    90% of the time you guys post this kind of stuff and it turns out to be amateurish crush.
    This is fabulous and would only be made better with a more judicious mix of the stinky electric guitar covering up so much of her mindblowing playing.

    • stevesaw says:

      Yeah, completely agree:

      Whoever did the mixing of the other instruments used in this video stupidly allowed the bass, drums, etc. to obscure and nearly bury the sound of the gayageum itself, which kind of defeats the point of showing how well Luna Lee’s virtuoso playing of the Hendrix guitar part really is. 

      She needs a better, more intelligent producer/mixer, IMHO, who will allow her playing to be much more in the forefront of the mix, for clarity of hearing it better. 

  4. Improbus Liber says:

    That was awesome but it’s hard to beat the original for coolness.

  5. Makes me smile. Needs a touch more distortion IMHO. 

  6. mindfu says:

    Her part is great. I wish the rest of the backing instruments were her too, and that someone hadn’t kept the click track in. But that’s all nitpicking, Virtuoso performance on her part.

    • Preston Sturges says:

      “…………Hey! And we’ve flown in, at great expense, (triple scale, no less, ladies and gentlemen),  Steve Gad’s clone to play the out-chorus on this song…Hes really outa-site, in spite of the fact that the click track is totally irrelevant to what he’s doing now. I in listening to  the click, yes I’m suffering with the click track right now…this guy is totally out of sync with it, but what the fuck. Ed Mann will call him up later, show him the sign. Okay Vinnie, where is five?….(Five!)”

  7. willy359 says:

    For my money, her cover of Stevie Ray’s cover of Little Wing is much more awesome:

  8. Sekino says:

    Her playing was delightful! I just wish the other instruments weren’t so loud or, better yet, that they also were Korean instruments.

    • kwhitefoot says:

      Yes the mix is all wrong, the gayageum is overwhelmed by the bass line.  And I’ve just listened to Hendrix play it, I think Cory is exaggerating a little saying that she nailed it.  Promising though, would be nice to think that this sort of thing could become more common.  Then she could do it again with a bit more verve and a better mix.
      Edit: can’t remember Hendrix’ playing ever being described as delightful, I think that is probably where this version fails, too much delightfulness, not enough risk taking. But definitely worth a listen.

  9. Scott Rose says:

    Impressive, though a perfect score would have required she light the thing on fire.

  10. oasisob1 says:

    How she manages to get melody, bassline and drums out of a single stringed instrument is beyond me.

  11. dawdler says:

    Love her part.  Not crazy about some of the backing track. Also, I wonder how her instrument would sound with a bit of distortion…  might be cool.

  12. gumbowing says:

    Man! How does she keep that thing from bursting into flame?

  13. Deirdre says:

    This needs rolling clouds of pot smoke.

  14. grimatongueworm says:

    cool as fuck.

  15. Kendra Billings says:

    Oh man, I want one! And the skill to play it. She’s fantastic.

  16. L’auriculaire figé, le petit doigt bloqué à la main droite indique sans conteste la nature extraterrestre de cette jeune fille, qui joue Hendrix; ce n’est pas un hasard!!!

  17. Tyler Fults says:

    Totally posted this on Andy McKee’s Facebook page last night!!!

  18. Tyler Fults says:

    Also, I linked it directly to Boingboing.net so you guys might be getting some traffic from that

  19. Mike Hards says:

    i agree with the first few comments..a beautiful instrament, ..should be out front of the BACKGROUND music…brings to mind the beatles using the sitar?  but, they never  used it to such a degree!!! bravo