Tickets from the Studio Ghibli museum are made from snips of film

Tickets at the Studio Ghibli museum near Tokyo are made from snips of actual film from Miyazaki movies. This ticket shows Satsuki from the masterpiece My Neighbor Totoro.

I went to (Miyazaki) Studio Ghibli Museum near Tokyo, Japan. The tickets are made up of cut up film cells. My ticket is from Princess Mononoke.

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    1. yeah, Museum Ghibli is tops on my list of reasons to go.  You can only see the film where Mei babysits the Catbus’s kittens if you go to the museum.

        1. The worst cam I have ever seen… and great.
          Totally want to go to that cinema/museum now. For the ticket stub, AND for that.

  1. These tickets are just the tip of the Ghibli-museum iceberg.  Anyone who is a fan of animation or film HAS to check out the place.

    1. Indeed – for a two week trip to Tokyo last year, the only thing I organised in advance was Ghibli tickets (because you have to).  It’s a magical place, and all the contextual history and art that inspired the animation is just fabulous.

      1.  You can also try to improvise. I went to the museum without knowing that you have to bought them in advance. The museum guards told us to go to the closest convenience store (Lawson or Seven Eleven, cant remember) and ask there for a pair of tickets.  We had to wait 45 minutes to enter with another group, but dont worry, the museum sits next to a lovely public park and there are plenty of space to take a nap or eat something.
        The museum itself is worth the wait and the money. It´s lovely in every aspect.

        1. The convenience store is Lawson’s: they have the exclusive rights to sell tickets through their in-store LOPPI kiosks, as I understand it.

  2. When I went there the one I got was one from Pixar, a lame one from Toy Story.  I almost cried. I really wanted one from Ghibli’s masterpieces not some Pixar Lassetter wannabe. :(

  3. Yup. I’ve got two. :)

    Not only that, but there’s a small selection of shorts made by Ghibli that can’t be seen /anywhere/ other than in the Ghibli museum, including one that includes a kittenbus, for lack of a better term. Unfortunately, they show a different film each time, and you can only see one per entry, so it pretty much forces you to go back if you want to see it again.

    When I went there the second time, they had a temporary exhibit featuring life-size recreations of scenes from a few movies, such as Sophie’s hat shop from Howl no Ugoku Shiro, the food stalls from Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi and a a full, adult-sized catbus from Tonari no Totoro. I would /kill/ for them to have allowed photos of that…

  4. Tag. I’ve got a flying scene from Kiki’s Delivery Service on mine. Bow before my amazing luck!
    But my sweetheart was heartbroken that only childrem are allowed into the catbus  :(

  5. We tried to go when we were in Tokyo last month.  They only had like 1 hour before closing on Sunday available, and we didn’t think that would be enough time.  We were also trying to book about a week in advance.  Next time we’ll book as soon as we book our flights.

  6. Really? No one’s gonna mention the life size robot from Laputa on the roof?

    Thing is freaking huge…

    1. I nostalgia’d
      dude, I love that theater and saw many great films there.  plus I lived across the parking lot of it one summer.

  7. Wow, I completely forgot about this… I hope I didn’t lose my soot sprites strip, forever. :(

  8.  Last week I saw Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro for the first time. After seeing this I have another reason to travel to Japan.

  9. You’re supposed to buy reserved tickets in advance (which you can do from the LOPPI kiosk at Lawson convenience stores). But years ago, when I lived nearby and rode up on my bike to the place, the person at the gate handed me a photocopied sheet “For Our Foreign Visitors”, which directed me to a travel agency nearby. At the travel agency, I pretended to be a visitor, showed them my California drivers license (“Sorry, I left my passport”), and they gave me a voucher to take back to the ticket office. Worked a treat, though I made a point of parking my bicycle out of sight of the entrance.

    P.S.: my film clip was from a minor work called “My NeIghbors the Yamadas”

  10. i go everytime i’m in tokyo. I have 8 of these and i will keep going everytime. Its near kichijoji, a beautiful suburb with excellent food and shops.

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