Games to play during commercial breaks

The nice people at Hide and Seek have a collection of Tiny Games you can play while the commercials are on TV, like each player putting a finger on the screen and scoring a point for every face that they poke during the break -- winner is the most prolific face-poker.

A game for two or more overconfident players.

As soon as a show segment ends, player one must say what the first advert will be advertising. Player two immediately mutes the television, and as the advert plays, whatever it is for, player one must explain how they were right, and the advert is definitely for the product they suggested, regardless of what it is actually advertising. Scoring is entirely subjective.

A game for two or more verbose players.

At the very start of an advert break, shout out a word. The other players have to shout out something else. Earn one point every time your word is said during the advert break. If someone chooses a word that’s not within the spirit of the game – “the” or “and” or “be” or anything like that – then the other players can reject it by unanimous agreement.

Hide and Seek also brought us the Board Game Remix Kit, and now they're running a Kickstarter to fund a bazillion tiny games as a mobile app.

Tiny Games For Ad Breaks (via Super Punch)


  1. The first one would be way too easy when watching PBS. It’s that European river cruises ad 80% of the time, and the Calvin Klein one the other 20%.

    I can’t be the only Downton Abby watcher here.

    1. From my dim memories of last watching television, they were brief creative segments wedged between lengthy chunks of tedious network drivel.

  2. “Player two immediately mutes the television”
    I already play this game. Along with “Player two immediately turns over” and “Player two gets so distracted during the breaks that he ends up forgetting he was watching TV and end up surfing the internet instead”.

  3. How about playing “Let’s get a DVR?”  Players do this, then watch shows at their leisure instead of being chained to a media timetable.  Player 1 is in charge of skipping the ads using the remote.  Player 2 (as well as any others) has/have the option of yelling “Hey go back, what was that!?” at any time, and Player 1 complies unless he or she can provide a suitable reason not to.  Should Player 1 forget to skip the ads “too often”, control of the remote moves to Player 2 (and so on…)

    1. This seems like a very complicated way of typing in “” to me…

      What’s a DVR?

  4. My wife and I play the “explain game.” One person picks something (a thing, a concept, whatever) and the other person has to explain as much as they can about it until the commercial ends, stream-of-thought. So she’ll say, “wolverines.” And I’ll have to say everything that I know or think about wolverines: “They’re mammals; kind of confrontational, I think, because the University of Michigan uses them as a mascot, and I think they’re supposed to be fierce; I always confuse them with badgers, and honestly, I also sort of mix them up with gophers and groundhogs — which might be the same thing; and then there’s the honey badger. Is the honey badger actually a badger, or is like the whale shark, which is neither a whale nor a shark?” And on until the commercial ends. Then next commercial break, maybe I’ll say, “Belgium,” and she has to say everything that she knows about Belgium. Etc. It’s pretty fun. You learn a lot about people this way — how they associate concepts.

  5. The only problem I see with this game is that it requires you to actually watch the commercials.

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