Disney World Luau bowl

Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily designed this beautiful Polynesian Luau Bowl for an upcoming Walt Disney World special event. It'll sell for $35, but the on-sale date isn't announced yet.

Summer's coming...


  1. Ho ho! Typography jokes are indeed fun, but there’s a real “w” for comparison in the word “bowl”, so while it does look like “Wau bowl” at first glance, it’s actually not ambiguous in context.

    1. What a poorly rendered typeface.  The ‘si’ in Polynesian also runs together, causing difficulty in reading.  I don’t remmeber hard-to-read signs when I was there as a kid.

  2. OK, so ‘”wau” is the alternative form of the generic Polynesian pronoun “au” but I still think that this is a ‘luau’ bowl. Unless it is a German dog bowl where ‘wau’ (as in woof) has some other meaning.

    1. Disney’s racism, IP terrorism, rampant capitalism, and hollow, plastic contributions to American popular culture are all just so cute, though!

        1.  It wouldn’t look out of place at Abigail’s Party. Anywhere else it’s tawdry kitsch. Entirely fails the wonderful things test.

        2. I was focusing specifically on this “Polynesian” Luau bowl, so I omitted the misogyny, but you’re right, I should have given colonialism a mention!

    2. (“What’s with all the Disney shit..?”) are you new here?  next try asking “what’s all this banana crap?” or “why should we care about scifi authors?”   m’self, i want more, far more, “what’s messed up about government and anything technological” yeah that’s the stuff.

      as a distant aside, can some adept ethnologist explain why a Luau bowl would be two bowls conjoined that-way? (hot poi and cold poi?) thankee.

      1.  I think the problem with bananas is one of racism. How come I can never see some plantain getting represented here?

    3.  Are you new here? There’s always been a huge disconnect between BB’s copyfight etc. stands and the institutional love-in for all things Disney. It’s just something you learn to accept.

  3. Personally, I enjoyed this item a lot more when I imagined that “Wau” was a traditional Polynesian ceremony involving a double-barrelled bowl of different but complementary hallucinogens in chip-and-dip form.

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