Curiosity rover dresses

Etsy seller Shenova (who also does some nice-looking, science-y leggings), makes these $135 Mars Curiosity rover dresses to order:

This super special space chic fashion forward dress has a real NASA image from the Mars Curiosity Rover, also with a rover "track" print on the other side. It it made from custom printed non-fading, durable Lycra stretch fabric with a cotton stretch black backing for a lovely slimming effect. There is also a cute silver strap detail at the top. Very comfortable fabric, easy fitting.

The Curiosity lettering is hand studded with crystals for extra fanciness. You'll surely impress your friends with this one! Hem is 32" but can be adjusted if you add a note.

NASA Mars Curiosity Print Rover Dress Space Chic (via IO9)


  1. I object to this dress because the treads seemingly do not include the Morse Code pattern that JPL built into them! The treads have a repeating pattern (useful to tracking distance in photographs looking back) that say J P L in dots and dashes.

    This is a spare wheel at JPL.

    1. First thing I thought of was, “Hey, are people cosplaying as the robots from the last episode of Doctor Who already?”

      Granted, it’s not quite in the right position, but it’s close enough.

  2. So, in the upcoming International Space Apps Challenge, one of the challenges is called Curiosity At Home. I think this dress is WAY better than the Lego model they have suggested as a possible way to meet the challenge. Way better.

  3. I’m jumping in here to tout the gloriousness that is me. One of my high school classmates was the lead flight coordinator on the Rover team. We are Facebook friends and his feed was way cool when the Rover was kickin’ it into high gear. 

    Every Mars morning, they play a song in the control room to “wake up” the Rover for its work. He took requests. I suggested Hammertime AND IT GOT PLAYED on the morning Curiosity started doing some hammering. 

    Awesome! I am awesome! Okay, true, he is the actual rocket scientist not me, but DUDE, my song!

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