Behold the grim future of a 1980s boombox ad

The city of the future is imprisoned by feathered mullets, dry ice, and the synthesized orchestral hits that result when anyone opens their eyes. [↚ @joeljohnson]


      1. I love a lot of the things the eighties gave us, but I really hope that 80’s architecture and fashion stay in their graves.

        The 90’s?  That was high school and college for me.  So an even split of horrible/awesome.

        1. I had pretty much every outfit from that ad.  I wish that I had kept all those post-apocalyptic, asymmetrical, leather outfits.

          1. I was 19; the 90s were when (some) pop culture started paying attention to me instead of the other way around.

  1. I owned a GE boombox for most of my college years.  It was awesome.  Dual cassettes, and an aux in for when I got my portable CD player.  I also had used it as external computer speakers for a while at work (did I mention it had detachable speakers?  Sweet!)

    Also, that’s really what the 80s was like.  How soon people forget.

    1. Sorry to disappoint, but no, a boombox cannot free someone imprisoned in what appears to be amber.

      Would have made jurassic park a lot more entertaining though.

      1. True, but I’m betting Walter Bishop could hack a cd player into an effective laser cutter.

  2. You know, screw all that SCA/RenFaire/Steampunk BS.  I’m going to start cosplaying  as someone from a retrofuturistic 80’s timeline.

      1. Cyberpunk has its roots in 80s futurism (or vice versa, I suppose) – I guess the big question is hair metal or punk :)

  3. I love boomboxes. Some friends of mine have a low-power FM transmitter & do semi regular events where they provide the music, and everyone brings what they’ve got to amplify it. Sort of like Swarm War tactics, but applied to illegal parties. Lots of fun.

    1. I also remember this as an ad for Memorex. Without narration, and with more electronicky music. It made an impression on me. Unironically.

      1.  I remember going to a Gorilla Biscuits gig ’89, probably, and the bassist had a splendid rehash of that sticker that said ‘home fucking is killing prostitution’.

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