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6 Responses to “Photon 3D Scanner: fold-up easy 3D scanning on IndieGoGo”

  1. Did these guys have to be both smart and ridiculously attractive? Couldn’t they have just been one or the other? Were it not for the copious handsomeness this would have ruined my day.

  2. Jorpho says:

    Weren’t people all excited not so long ago about using the Kinect as a 3D scanner?  Is this supposed to be vastly superior?

    • Saint Eligius says:

       Assuming these guys know what they are doing, a laser scanner should be much better than the Kinect.

    • nemomen says:

      Some people were excited about it, though for the scale of items I was interested in scanning it was pretty much useless while this looks awesome.  Also this isn’t a hack.  It doesn’t require the level of effort that using a Kinect involves with waving the thing around, checking, and rescanning.  If this goes all the way to market so it has a warranty/higher level of ongoing support I’ll buy it.

  3. Steve Olsen says:

    I’m a fan and I am not a poo poo’er but software like AGI Soft can use photos to create some pretty awesome stuff, it’s only $179. Assuming you already have a camera to take photos with


  4. Josh Siefer says:

    This is just a cost-reduced NextEngine scanner, right?  Also, and I’m not sure if they already allow access to one, but I think they need to provide a sample (output) file for people to test.  I’d like to check the quality first-hand before putting money down.  It was hard to tell from the video, but it sure didn’t look like it was “SUPER” high quality.  I hope they prove me wrong though, because otherwise it looks pretty damn cool.  Anyway…proof is in the pudding.