Black leopard compared to black house cat

Black leopard compared to black house cat. "Duality," directed by Rich Kuras.


  1. My biggest takeaway is how much I like NIN’s “Ghosts” and I’m glad to see something from it used to good effect in this video.  But also, pretty kitties!

      1. I hear various selections pretty regularly on public radio; it always gives me a pleasant little tingle.

  2. My cat wants to make it clear that he’s just as macho and dangerous as that leopard, even though all of his hunting is targeted at catnip mice, plus commenting on the birds he could totally eat if the window weren’t in the way.  

    1. Agreed; we have a Bombay, and she’s fierce and would gladly kill us all and feast on our entrails if she were large enough to do it effectively.

  3. This makes me miss my cat so much. He always seemed like a miniature panther to me, a little too good at hunting too (he killed pretty much anything that came his way). Christ, I really am a cat lady, even without a cat.

  4. I’ve heard biologists comment that feline species are all very similar structurally. More so than different breeds of dogs. It’s really like they’re differently decorated and scaled versions of the same basic plan. (mostly)

  5. We had 3 consecutive Bombays. The first was gentle and stoic and would use a claw to lift broccoli from a boiling pot. The second was highly affectionate and the most charming cat in the world. It brought us multi-coloured plastic clothes pegs it stole from the neighbours and left them on our pillows. On the basis that black cats have wonderful personalities, we got another. The third was bolshy and paranoid and only really respected me. Surprisingly, you can grab a cat by the scruff faster than it can claw you. It brought mice in from outside, and left their bloody heads on the bedroom floor. It was then I realised if any of these cats were scaled up to the size of an German Shepherd – or panther – we’d all be dead by lunch time. 

    1. The (totally standard) conclusion the Oatmeal reached has always seemed extremely bizarre to me.  Look at it like this:

      Premise:  X eliminates untold bazillions of Y every day.
      (something magic happens here)
      Conclusion: BAD!!! WE MUST STOP THIS!

      Never a moment’s thought along the lines of “this has been going on for centuries and is part of our ecosystem.  What would happen if we disrupted the circle of death without figuring out the consequences of a bazillion more rodents and birds surviving to further breed?”  Nope, just “death=bad” pseudo-scientific posturing.

  6. I’ve definitely seen some black cats that look more like a mini leopard than that one. I agree it’s perfectly clear to any cat owner why there are no domestic breeds the size of a German Shepherd, they’d eat us the minute we stopped rubbing their bellies. Hail to our feline overlords!

  7. Ever seen Godfrey & Glass’ “Anima Mundi” ? Near the very end, there’s a slo-mo, head-on shot of a charging-and-then-rapidly-decelerating cougar that is one of the most impressive and unsettling cat images you will ever see.

    It makes it very clear that the only reason on earth that the cougar doesn’t destroy whatever it was targeting, is that the cougar simply changed it’s mind, for reasons known only to it. Rivetting and frightening – And “Anima Mundi” is on youtube, in it’s entirety.

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