Time: XKCD's slo-mo time-lapse comic


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  1. Stefan Jones says:

    It’s not TOTALLY wordless. There are two or three lines of dialogue. I’ve only managed to catch one of those “live.” . . . “Let’s go swimming!”

  2. My favourite way to follow it is here: http://geekwagon.net/projects/xkcd1190/ You can scroll through and pause for the dialogue bits.

  3. Heevee Lister says:

    If I have this right, viewing the comic’s regular site is like viewing one frame of a film at a time.  You can only see the entire creation if you go to one of the “fan sites” that present it as a movie.

    Maybe this is geekdom’s version of Impressionism? 

  4. Rob Wheeler says:

    I remember being confused by this when the first one was presented. Seeing as xkcd has a lot of potential for confusion normally, I would have never even thought to look again.

  5. TombKing says:

    This http://xkcd.aubronwood.com/ was one of the first captures. I see the story is still developing as well. I left it up and went back to the tab later to notice it indeed was changing the first day but never thought it would go this long.

  6. embryoconcepts says:

    Is this an analogy for their relationship?

  7. LinkMan says:

    Munroe deserves a friggin’ MacArthur Fellowship at this point.  Seriously.

  8. TheOven says:

    I don’t see the point.

  9. doggo says:

    Of course you realize it will end in war…

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