Saturday is Record Store Day 2013!

NewImageTomorrow (Saturday 4/20) is Record Store Day! Support your local independent record shops and score special Record Store Day exclusive releases! Here's the full list of special releases and guide to participating shops.


  1. Holy crap, “Zaireeka” by The Flaming Lips on vinyl?

    “Zaireeka” is a quadruple album but not really, the tracks are deconstructed in four lengthwise slices and all four discs are meant to be played simultaneously.
    So who’s got four turntables nowadays, or had four turntables back in the heyday, for that matter?

  2. A used music/comic book store near me, The Great Escape, is having a sidewalk music sale this Saturday with a bunch of CDs for 25 cents each. This is something I thought they just did once in a while to clean out inventory. I had no idea it was a national celebration. 

  3. The commercial-free radio station at which I volunteer is doing a live remote from our local indie store tomorrow, and I hereby invite all BB’ers to listen in on the web, at, starting at roughly 9:00 am CST.

    The gimmick we go by every year is that we only play what the store already has on their shelves, instead what we usually provide out of our own private collections – I’m proud to boast that, last year, a listener came in and bought more than half of the two dozen CD’s I played during my set before they even had a chance to be re-stocked. Now that’s what I call affirmation.

  4. As someone who was a DJ during the rave era, and who once had to carry a crate full of records through 2 feet of snow and no taxis on the morning after a party which occurred during a blizzard…

    Vinyl records are really heavy, they degrade after a few plays, are a wildly inefficient medium and I have no nostalgia for them whatsoever.

    But, Happy Record Store Day anyway, although I might be celebrating a different reason for tomorrow….

    (Oh and DJing with 2 DJs, 2 mixers and four turntables is a lot of fun)

  5. I’d support my local store if they didn’t overprice their vinyl to the point of ludicrous. Oh and they’re douchebags too.

    At least Amazon  doesn’t sniff down it’s hipster nose at me.

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