Strange, wonderful, deep-sea creatures ... with googly eyes


10 Responses to “Strange, wonderful, deep-sea creatures ... with googly eyes”

  1. Fake Name says:

    Lame… He sticks the eyes to photo. Yawn….

  2. peregrinus says:

    It took me a moment to realise the eyes were added, not that ‘googly’ was a natural feature of the natural eyes.

  3. I’m not sure I really want to process this fully:  “pigbutt worm” and “disembodied vulva” are notions I just don’t want my mind to absorb.  
    (Especially not before my 2nd cup of coffee.)

  4. Christopher says:

    So he’s taken a photo of an intriguing sea creature and made it look like a still of Daffy Duck about to explode. Personally I’d prefer that pigbutt worms and Daffy be kept separate, thank you very much. 

  5. ChickieD says:

    What in God’s earth is this man doing? BioEngineering sea creatures to have googly eyes? Does this man have no humility?

  6. smut clyde says:

    For values of ‘photoshopping’ that may include ‘placing physical googly eyes on a printed photograph or screen image and then re-photographing it’.

    This is OLD-SCHOOL special effects, none of your CGI.

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