Strange, wonderful, deep-sea creatures ... with googly eyes

Please enjoy this very serious, scientific Tumblr that posts exactly what it promises — pictures of the strange and fantastic creatures that live deep in the ocean ... with googly eyes photoshopped onto their bodies.

The specimen above is an animal known as the pigbutt worm. Yes, seriously. With the googly eyes in place, you can't quite get a full understanding of how weird looking this animal is, so please be sure to check out the "before" photo, as well.

The site is maintained by a deep sea ecologist (he's anonymous, but I've verified that this is true). So you can trust the information provided here. For instance, when readers ask how the heck a pigbutt worm counts as a worm:

The pigbutt worm, Chaetopterus pugaporcinus, is a very weird looking worm, for sure. All Annelid worms are segmented, and the pigbutt is no exception. If you look at an ordinary earthworm, you can see those segments, but in Chaetopterus pugaporcinus, the middle segments are super inflated compared to the rest of its body. The rear segments are visible in the area that looks like the anus on a mammal’s buttocks (although others have noted that this section of the pigbutt worm looks more like a disembodied vulva than a floating buttock).


  1. It took me a moment to realise the eyes were added, not that ‘googly’ was a natural feature of the natural eyes.

  2. I’m not sure I really want to process this fully:  “pigbutt worm” and “disembodied vulva” are notions I just don’t want my mind to absorb.  
    (Especially not before my 2nd cup of coffee.)

  3. So he’s taken a photo of an intriguing sea creature and made it look like a still of Daffy Duck about to explode. Personally I’d prefer that pigbutt worms and Daffy be kept separate, thank you very much. 

  4. What in God’s earth is this man doing? BioEngineering sea creatures to have googly eyes? Does this man have no humility?

  5. photoshopped
    For values of ‘photoshopping’ that may include ‘placing physical googly eyes on a printed photograph or screen image and then re-photographing it’.

    This is OLD-SCHOOL special effects, none of your CGI.

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