Sexy Star Wars costumes


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  1. GawainLavers says:

    Their Sexy Wonder Woman Costume and Sexy Adult Princess Leia Slave Costume are actually substantially less racy than the real things.

  2. Ramone says:

    Lucasfilm still has a licensing department? I thought Disney fired everyone. These look more like costumes the Mouse would rubber stamp.

    • echolocate chocolate says:

      Disney bought Lucasfilm FOR the licensing department. They appear to be rapidly shedding everything else.

  3. That is a very photoshopped torso.

  4. freshyill says:

    Nothing’s sexier than a nice, warm winter hat.

  5. capnmarrrrk says:

    I got yer sexy Star Wars costume…RIGHT HERE!

  6. Kat Mueller says:

    Does crappy photoshopping come with the costume?

    • vonbobo says:

      My eyes really dislike these photos. The entire chewie from yesterday, and parts of this costume, look entirely like a digital rendering. Makes me wonder if the product will actually look like the advertisement or not. I’m guessing no.

  7. bo1n6bo1n6 says:

    “Luke, I’m your father.”
     “Uhhh, I think this just got really weird.”

  8. kobrakai says:

    Don’t get me wrong: I love some sexy Star Wars cosplayers but why aren’t there cool girls Jedi costumes? There are tons of cool female Jedi.

    • penguinchris says:

      They sell two different female jedi (and one sith) costumes. I find these interesting because they’re not what you’d normally consider a “sexy costume”; they’re reasonably accurate representations of the film characters… which do happen to be relatively sexy, but that’s beside the point. One of them has a floor-length skirt – admittedly that one doesn’t have “sexy” in the title like the others, though it is in the “Sexy Halloween” category.

  9. bigomega73 says:

    Where’s the sexy male costumes? Am I resigned to dressing in a full length incredibly unsexy jedi robe for the rest of my life?!?!

  10. Editz says:

    Please, no sexy Ugnaughts.  Thank you.

  11. Tribune says:

    wow – they do Star wars dog costumes too… no idea if they are sexy.

  12. The sexy sith one features the chef hat I will need in order to bake some Chuthulu cupcakes.

  13. my_belly says:

    Once again, no love for us Hutt fetishists.

  14. kmoser says:

    I’m still waiting for the “sexy Jabba the Hutt” outfit.

  15. Unless they’re as photoshopped as the rest, the socks are actually quite nice. Shame to have to consign the rest of the outfit to the scrap basket, though…

  16. RaidenDaigo says:

    I wonder if the licensing for this was made before or after the buy-out. I can imagine Lucas just allowing lots of licensing before selling to Disney, then letting them figure out what to do with all the different odd or weird tangential products.

  17. JhmL says:

    “Coming Soon”, indeed.

  18. Senor Schaffer says:

    The “sexy” costumes are exactly the same as their costumes for girls.

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