Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine


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  1. Sekino says:

    Coincidence: Our 3 year-old daughter got this from her Grandma just last week. Of course, she needs our help for  the engineering parts for now.  But she was getting a big kick out of the little animals and storyline, so it looks like a toy she’ll be able to grow with in several ways.

  2. cooter says:

    The kickstarter video that creator Debbie Sterling made is great!

  3. cjporkchop says:

    I got a set through the kickstarter, and now I just have to wait until my niece is old enough to play with it.

    *counting down minutes*

    • I got it via Kickstarter too. I held it for a few months for my daughters birthday but it was well worth it. At 6 she has absolutely no issues with it and figure it out easy-as-pie.  If you are there to read it to a 4-5 year old, I bet they’ll be just fine. 

  4. Heartfruit says:

    I looked at this when it was a kickstarter and I guess I just don’t see the attraction.  My daughter is a little too old for this now (just turning 9) but still, I’m sure at 6 or 7 it would have been fun once but the “engineering” seems pretty limited to me. 

  5. Baldhead says:

    I remember my girlfriend getting excited over the kickstarter video for this. Glad it got made.

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