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7 Responses to “UK Home Office commissions a super villain-catching-machine from Prof. Elemental”

  1. ImmutableMichael says:

    Spiffing. And such.

  2. Ted Lemon says:

    This is a bit frustrating.   They assume that the watcher will understand that recalibrating a needle-in-a-haystack machine to catch villains is absurd.   Unfortunately, I don’t think the viewing public in general understand this—they still thing computers are magic, and can do miracles.   This despite years of experience with actual computers.

    • iamlegion says:

       Many governments want a needle-in-a-haystack machine to find the ‘badduns’, when what they actually need is just a mirror…

  3. G3 says:

    Why couldn’t Dick Cheney play the lead role? Was he too busy? Probably out hunting. 

  4. macrumpton says:

    I have read a lot of books and seen a lot of classic movies, but somehow i have managed to avoided learning what “kippers” are. In an odd way I enjoy the mystery. I can imagine that kippers are Jack Russel Terriers haunches, or  pygmy game hens, or maybe Capybara tongues. I wonder how long before the answer forces itself on me…

  5. Anoz says:

    I eagerly await Mr. B’s counter to the machine