UK Home Office commissions a super villain-catching-machine from Prof. Elemental

In this startling debut episode, the renowned Professor Elemental receives a commission from the government to build a marvellous snooping machine with which to catch the badduns. The Home Secretary has the right man for the job -- with the good professor's marvellous device, the Home Office will be able to spy on every communique that traverses the British Information Superhighway!

(It's all about the Snooper's Charter, the barmy UK legislative proposal to give nearly unlimited snooping powers to the government and police, and this video is courtesy of the good people at the Open Rights Group.

Professor Elemental build a Great Machine for Catching Villains Chapter One (Thanks, Jim!)


  1. This is a bit frustrating.   They assume that the watcher will understand that recalibrating a needle-in-a-haystack machine to catch villains is absurd.   Unfortunately, I don’t think the viewing public in general understand this—they still thing computers are magic, and can do miracles.   This despite years of experience with actual computers.

    1.  Many governments want a needle-in-a-haystack machine to find the ‘badduns’, when what they actually need is just a mirror…

  2. I have read a lot of books and seen a lot of classic movies, but somehow i have managed to avoided learning what “kippers” are. In an odd way I enjoy the mystery. I can imagine that kippers are Jack Russel Terriers haunches, or  pygmy game hens, or maybe Capybara tongues. I wonder how long before the answer forces itself on me…

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