Drop: Minecraft creator's latest game is a typing tutor (or seems like one)

Have at it. My top score is 11 because I can't type.


  1. This is a neat little demo.  I got 87 after a couple of tries, but I think I can do better.  Missing a letter is pretty punishing though, you gotta be careful. 

    1. 90 my first try. I agree, it’s easy when you can see the whole word, but then my brain goes kablooie because I can’t figure out what I’m typing.

  2. 130ish. it’s really annoying to not have the whole word to start with. is that the point? to force you to recognize and type common n-grams rather than words?

  3. 340 is current best. It’s an interesting flow-of-consciousness feeling when you get a groove going. After a few plays, you start recognizing the words, which helps immensely.

  4. I think there’s something else going on with this “game”. I think it’s related to the choice of words; eternal, truth, harmony, universe, gnostic, lucid, mind, journey.. all of these words interact with each other in interesting ways. Combined with the motion of the letters, I almost felt like I was drifting, or approaching a meditative state. And then >slam< I get hit at the end with UNLOVED.

    They're calling it a game, but somebody's clearly trying to mess with my head. After playing it for half an hour, I feel like an MKUltra subject.

    1. Swap that consciousness theme for a ruminant fetish, it’s like a Llamasoft game from a Scandinavian Jeff Minter.

  5. My current best is 642, but I think in an earlier run I broke 700.  There are only a few words that you have to be able to type, and they all start with a unique letter.  Aware, beauty, c?, deconstruct (also drop, but that’s just the starting word), eternal, fractal, harmony, insight, journey, know, lucid, mind, nothing, open, polygon, quesiton, reward, space, truth, universe, visual, warm, nothing for x, y, or z that I can remember.

  6. 120 on first few tries. Yes, the big trick is learning its vocabulary and being able to quickly recognize/read the words so you can blast them back out.

    Not sure that qualifies as “typing tutor” per se, though it does favor touchtypists.

  7. reminds me of a spelling game I saw once that was aimed at schools to improve typing accuracy; the developer put in an easter egg so that the app also accepted all txting l33tspeak abbreviations of the desired words.

  8. I got 291, and thought that was pretty decent before looking at the other posts here. Seems like no matter how quickly or slowly you type, you end up with a negative word when you blow it. Totally feels like a psychology 101 test.

  9. 328 for the moment. I’m starting to feel like this: http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/File:Paradigm_crackers.jpg

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