Bounce your way to insanity with web game Rebound

Imagine Bennett Foddy's QWOP reduced to abstraction, the warm of embrace of pure insanity. You would have Rebound, an entry in the latest Ludum Dare game development contest by Creatively Bankrupt. My high score is -2. [via @bfod]


  1. Wooo, 55.

    And then I had it open in another tab while writing this and kept hearing bouncing, and I tabbed back and had gotten an 8 without touching a key. That’s actually better than my first attempt.

  2. High score -2? I got a 12 just by not touching it… (though it is random)

    And then I got the low score of -20 =D

    ETA: Wait no, -30.

    1.  It’s THAT Unity? I avoided it just because I didn’t want to install yet another media player. Unity is becoming like a bacterial colony.

      1. Been trying to port the game to html5 with webgl and move out of unity, so yeah hopefully it will be finish and playable soon
        Thanks for playing the game

  3. Yet another cute-but-left-handed game.
    Please, game authors, can’t you make games that use the arrow keys. They’ve only been on keyboards for the past 20 years. Or use the number pad. Pretty please?  :-)

    1.  Boo Hoo. Must be tough not to be able to use your dominant hand for something.

    2. Sorry for that , we have implemented that in the latest version of our game, but is not out yet, theres a bit more tweaking and stuff that need to be done.
      Thanks for playing the game :D

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