Get yourself 3D scanned and printed out as a Stormtrooper figurine or trapped in carbonite at Disney World


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  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Please, please, please let there be a feature that senses the customer’s height and sends them on their way with “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?” when deserved…

    • PurpleWyrm says:

      Speaking as someone on the chubby end of the spectrum with a matchingly jowly head that would look kind of weird on top of that trim cloned, torso, I’d be more worried about hearing “aren’t you a little fat for a stormtrooper?”

  2. Chentzilla says:

    The kid with the gun-shaped head didn’t know what we got himself into…

  3. lavardera says:

    SO, is that like the official lady storm trooper armor now?

    • jandrese says:

      Lady stormtroopers don’t even make sense, they’re clones! 

      The 2 month wait is the dealbreaker for me.  If you’re going to 3D print the thing, then I want it ready for pickup at the end of the day.  All you’re printing is the head right?  Then you slap a bit of paint on it and jam it on premade bodies. 

      Hand painting all of those faces all day long is a grueling job, but that’s why the thing costs $100. 

      The carbonite version is even easier, you just print out the face part and glue it on, no need to paint or anything. 

      • Brainspore says:

        Lady stormtroopers don’t even make sense, they’re clones!

        By that logic no one should be allowed to get one of these things except for Temuera Morrison.

        • jandrese says:

          Isn’t the point of this to be like the scene where Han and Luke knock out some stormtroopers and steal their armor to infiltrate the Death Star?  I don’t think any part of that involved redesigning the armor for their body shape.  There shouldn’t be any lady stormtrooper armor because there are no lady stormtroopers. 

          You are free to imagine this post written in the most internet whiny-nasal voice possible. 

          • Brainspore says:

            It’s still closer to canon than those “Darth Tater” Mr. Potato Head toys.

          • lavardera says:

            But thats it, isn’t it. This is from Disney, so its not some cos-player coming up with Lady Stormtrooper. This is now Cannon, the official Lady Stormtrooper. There are big consequences for this, for instance an angular boob-plate vs rounded boob plate. 

            I sense a great disruption in the force…

      • Daneel says:

        Please allow 28 days for delivery. P&P not included. Batteries not included.

      • Jardine says:

        Lady stormtroopers don’t even make sense, they’re clones!

        That assumes Palpatine continued to have Kamino create more clones rather than conscripting regular humans. I can’t think of anything in the movies that indicates one way or another, but there were definitely non-clone stormtroopers in the expanded universe.

      • euansmith says:

         Gender is optional.

  4. snoproblem says:

    At first glance, the guy in the carbonite looked like George W Bush.

  5. David_Gervais says:

    Remember photobooths?  Same concept, same step as this technology moves to the home and ubiquity. 

  6. Gilbert Wham says:

    “The completed figurine will arrive within 7-8 weeks after the experience
    if shipping domestically (it takes a little longer if shipping
    Bah. Tiny figure in 2 months is disappointing to the excitable small boy I once was. I WANT A LIFE-SIZE CARBONITE FIGURE! NOOOOOWWWW!!! WAAAAAHHHH!

  7. NoOneSpecific says:

    Would much rather there was an option to have this done as an in-game character face for SW:TOR once 2.1 goes live with the customizer. I *might* consider the $100 then.


  8. Spieguh says:

    I have never had any desire to go to Disney World before. Now…now I feel the conflict within me.

  9. Baldhead says:

    Can something be crassly commercial and awesome at the same time?

  10. LukeHancock says:

    If I was rich and didn’t feel the slightest bit of first world guilt, I would be all over this. As it stands, I’m not rich and can’t imagine spending this kind of money on something, even this awesome, that is ultimately useless.

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