For sale: "Rocking Machine" phallic sculpture from A Clockwork Orange


Japanese designer toy firm Medicom worked with Herman Makkink to recreate an edition of his iconic sculpture "The Rocking Machine," famously seen in the film A Clockwork Orange. It's almost three feet long and more than a foot wide. You can have one one of your very own for $1600 or so. "The Rocking Machine" (via Death Waltz Recording Company)


  1. “The accuracy of reproduction is nice, but I was looking for something a little bigger.” ~Antinous

  2. Just want I need for my living room, a penis shaped murder weapon.   My murder mystery parties just got a lot more interesting….

  3. I don’t know if it’s hilarious or tragic that those who would pay that kind of money for this object probably totally misunderstand the context in wich it was made famous. Maybe a little bit of both. 

    1.  I dunno. Seems like that’s gonna be tough without a corresponding “salami garage” if you know what I mean.

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