Grandson explains reddit-restored, 60-y-o navy portrait to amazed Grandad

Stephen sez, "I recently helped set my grandad get set up on his new PC and spotted a photo of him from when he was about 20 years old. It was in a sorry state, so I emailed it to myself and posted it on Reddit, where the community came together and restored it beyond its original state! It was amazing what they did, and so I printed off everyone's contributions and framed my favourite. I then got my girlfriend to record the moment I gave my Grandad, so that I could share it with the people who did the work! The result is a funny, yet heart-warming video."

Reddit and I give my 87yo Grandad a wonderful gift! (Thanks, Stephen!)


  1. See the internet isn’t all cat pictures.
    Sometimes it is about doing something to make one person’s life a little brighter.

  2. Oh glob, I’m tearing up watching this.
    I gotta do something like this for my grandma/parents.  This is a wonderful gift idea.  My dad and I spent a few weeks scanning our family photos.  We have about 15 or 20 shoeboxes full of photos, sitting under my parents’ bed.  I just said to my dad “they’re going to be lost in a fire before we ever look at them again” so now I have a few thousand photos on Picasa waiting to be tagged.

    I tried training Picasa to my family members’ faces, but it doesn’t seem to be going through the whole set.  I’m not sure whether I’m relieved that it didn’t take.  None of the photos are compromising, but I’m not sure I want google having too much facial data on us.  Face matching isn’t much more than a convenience feature right now, and there’s no telling who else has access to our data.

    1. Of course, you could do the facematching at home (iPhoto does this, others very probably too) w/out giving out that information. 

    2. I don’t know how far you’ve gotten, but, doing many generations of family photos is a complete pain in the ass. 

      It’s not usually smart enough to distinguish close relatives I’ve found.

      Hopefully you’ve found the “scan the bed full of pictures and draw boxes around to save multiple files” tool!

  3. I was very worried for a moment that “explaining reddit” to a grandfather would end up dovetailing into a discussion of /r/spacedicks…

  4. Sweet and touching. Yay, Internet!

    Also, the closed captioning is so off it’s hilarious.

    1.  Haha yeah I got the same thing – some jibberish about catholicism appearently it can’t handle that accent

  5. Don’t take photos of photos and THEN work on them. At least start with a scan, you want to add as little noise as possible.

    1. According to the linked article (which has a lot more details), the photo of the photo seems to have been originally e-mailed to the grandfather by a relative in Australia. So while they theoretically could have gotten a scan (or had the original mailed), they didn’t have easy access to it.

  6. I’m reminded of a Christmas several years ago. My grandfather was in the Navy in WWII. I managed to get the designation of his boat (it wasn’t a ship, just a little wooden boat) and found someone that he had served with. He had never really talked about the war much, merely alluding to the period when they were considered Lost at Sea. I managed to get the details, as well as a wonderful writeup about life aboard (they never saw any combat).

    To be able to give that to my family, so we could all know my late grandfather a bit better?

    The internet is an amazing place.

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