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7 Responses to “MC Frontalot's "I'll Form the Head" - crowdfunded voltronoid nerdcore”

  1. Bender says:

    Hated the tv show, but love this though.

    • oasisob1 says:

      With this comment I multiply my ‘like’ to your comment by -1.

      • Xploder says:

         Bender is right! Actually, the first few books were good but then it became a “lemme see how much bloat I can add in order to pocket fistsfull of money as quickly as possible.” The tv show was and is crappy – and I say that as someone who has the dubious honor of watching it daily with the grandson.

        • oasisob1 says:

          Are we all talking about the ’80s Voltron?

          • AfricanAtlantian says:

            I was wondering that too, because Voltron > any mecha show currently running in production or syndication in the ‘States right now. If they are referring to Power Rangers, then yes, I have no love for Saban they’re stuffing cash down their gullets like they work for EA–but that’s another rant entirely.  Simply put, this is another cult hit by the ‘Front. Keep it up!!

            TL;DR: Voltron is/was awesome and that’s what this video is parodying in an accurately spectacular way.

  2. Timmo Warner says:

    This is by far my favourite track off the album! Glad to see it got a fun video.

  3. Matthijs Smith says:

    Anyone else here seen the original Beast King GoLion? While it still had its faults, it’s great fun, and much more coherent that the remixed American version:


    Sadly, the final episode appears to be missing.