Back to the 60s with Star Trek sequel's sound designer

Tami Katzoff interviews Ben Burtt for MTV News:
While researching the sounds from the classic series, Burtt discovered that they were created with a Hammond chord organ. "Going back and getting some organ recordings and playing with it, I was able to fashion some things very similar to the transporter, perhaps exactly the same way, so that's in there."


  1. I love Ben Burtt’s work, but I wish he’d never made the incredibly identifiable Wilhelm Scream a foley in-joke. Zaps me right out of any scene.

    1. I know.. I recently re-watched Lord of the Rings back to back, and it is *really* annoying to hear Wilhelm do his thing multiple times per movie. I didn’t notice it the first few times I saw them… maybe I wasn’t as aware of the Wilhelm scream back then. But this time around, it stuck out like an orc wearing a Metallica t-shirt.
      (as an aside, why is it the BoingBoing “Post as” button never works when I log in through BoingBoing itself? It just drops me back at the post after I log in, losing my comment. Gah!)

  2. I happen to know the man who created the opening WHOOSH in the Star Trek theme, back in the ’60s: Clark Spangler, who did it on a Yamaha CS-series synthesizer. It bears his initials because he designed it. He also fired the shot that killed J.R. in the original Dallas. He is highly respected in the TV/film music community, because he never plays anything that a musician could produce on a traditional instrument. Less scrupulous synthesizer players have often found their tires slashed after the gig.

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