Sissyfight, cult game of sexist stereotyping, returns


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  1. Sissyfight was awesome – while the actual GAME is essentially scissors/paper/rock with chat it was deeply strategic on a communications level and the only way to “win” was to be clever, charming and gracious.  I also always found that actual hatespeech and douchebaggery that the Penny Arcade review was so concerned about, was pretty well guaranteed to make you the first one to be out of a round.  Her demo environment of a single room with a small group of people completely misses the dynamic of the real game.

    With lots of games being open at once any time you stepped into a game with obvious teaming or douchebags, you just moved on, and the actual community of players was hugely interesting and intelligent.  If only junior high had been so simple.

  2. Boundegar says:

    I remember a game very much like this from the 90s, but it was a card game.  I thought Steve Jackson published it,  but a search of their site says I’m wrong. Google thinks I’m mad, but I swear I didn’t just dream it.

  3. thatbob says:

    Correction: Great game of the 00′s.  Launched in 2000, in the thick of the dot com bubble – by the people behind, no less!

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