Is this the best song from this year's Eurovision Song Contest?

The battle of the bands, featuring acts from Ireland to Israel, is underway as we speak. Embedded above is Cezar Ouatu's particularly excellent It's my life, this year's Transylvanian entry. Our Europe Correspondent Leigh Alexander will be filing a report, but not until she's had a bit of a lie down.


  1. That’s a rhetorical metaphysical question, right?

    Choice quote from my facebook feed on the matter

    Any drugs!  For the love of God!  Insipid Hungarian Nathans have fuelled my ire …

    I could continue.

  2. Completely fell in love with the Maltese entry.  Sadly, I don’t think this is a “quirky wins” year.
    That Romanian entry was even more insane in the actual thing…

    (And I can see why everyone is tipping Denmark to win – definitely one of the best entries.)

  3. I was genuinely interested in watching the video, but they were too busy running around in circles and intentionally de-focusing the image (in time with the beat!) for me to get but mere glimpses. Really?

  4. nicely goth (avec falsetto)!

    so here’s a clueless Eurovision question:  what percentage (give or take a microfortnight) of the acts sing in english?

    1. I was disappointed that dreamylicious Arsenie Todiraș from O-Zone sang his 2006 entry in Spanish and English rather than Moldovan.

        1. Apparently a Ukrainian MP referred to Lordi as ” “hot Finnish guys” dressed as monsters.”

    2. Most of them do, nowadays. Up until 10 years ago or so, there was actually a rule that contestants had to sing in their native languages. Much more… interesting, back then. 

    3. Well, in that particular case it’s a cover – but probably because it’s the most accessible language for the Eurovision audience and most of the ‘serious’ musicians are hoping to launch an international career off the back of a win.
      They go back and forth on the language issue though – several times they’ve banned and unbanned submitting a song in something other than your national language.

      1. People are more likely to vote for a song they can understand the words to; an even more urgent concern since the whole thing got democratized in the late ’90s. That means English, French or Spanish. Forcing contestants to sing in their native tongue intrinsically favors Britain (and Gibraltar if it ever cuts the umbilical), Ireland, Malta, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Andorra and, arguably, Portugal since most anyone who speaks Spanish and one other Romance language can mostly make out, if not speak, Portuguese.

        1. People are more likely to vote for a song they can understand the words to

          The lyrics to Eurovision songs are basically all some variation of, “Oh, oh, baby. Love me, baby, love me.” That shit sounds much better in a language that you don’t understand.

          1. Except this year, we had the entry from Malta:

            “His name is Jeremy
            Working in I.T.
            Never questions why 
            He has always been
            An extra careful guy
            Sensitive and shy
            Risk assessment is his investment
            In a life of no surprise
            ‘Til she walked into his life”

            Last night was the first ever time “Jeremy from IT” was trending on Twitter all around Europe.

  5. I discovered THE HARD WAY that Twitter enforce a cap on daily updates. Two entries before the end. Humph.

  6. Eurovision is one of those rare moments that makes me glad that I live in the US.

    1. ..wherein American Idol?  ((and we’re all fat loud bellicose materialistic gun totting morans))

      1. Europop exists in a deeper level of Hell than, well, than really any other musical genre.

        1. yep, no one can be more comically abusive than the Brits: Simon Cowell. probably to a statistical sticking point all forms of american broadcast entertainment had their antecedents upon perfidious Albion (cue: “Yakety Sax”)

      2. Hey, I resent that! I’m a thin loud bellicose materialistic gun-toting occasional moron!

      1. It would probably be fun if you were there and it were in an interesting city and you had a lot of drugs and lube.

        1. Drugs? Oh hell yeah.

          Being There”? That’s what international telecommunication broadcasts were invented for! 

          “Interesting City”? Well… I live in The Suburb to Douchebag Hell (aka Düsseldorf, Germany) – it’s interesting enough, I guess. But so are most cities, if you put a little effort into it.

          Lube, though? That’s a gay thing, right? (Or maybe a “people who have sex a lot”-thing. I’m in no position to differentiate :-/ )

      2. Just don’t try to play the ESC drinking game with Greece’s entry. You’ll get alcohol poisoning.

  7. I liked the Armenian song and the Greek one. Neither is doing great. I live in Denmark. Will be interesting if they win. 

  8. Greece was robbed. Livetweeting in my feed came from Mr Stross, Warren Ellis and the guy from Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Marvellous stuff.

    1.  Apparently this morning’s first order of business is to go review Ellis’s Twitter feed. I feel like I should’ve known he’d be a Eurovision watcher.

    1. There’s a whole ‘nother world going on there isn’t there. It always surprises me too. These people certainly don’t live on the same planet that I do.

    2. I think I watched a swedish dancer fall off stage and the presenter chewing glass after being called a MILF.

  9. Romania does not produce bad music. Well…no, it *does* produce SOME, but that crud is usually just jammed into club-mix CDs and other such commercial assemblages of generic bullshit.

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  11. Sorry, but you have embedded the wrong video. Check this one – from the semifinals – for the Full Visual WTF.

  12. Mirror ball bewbs and g-strings through stockings… Why is the title even posing question??

  13. My lovely horse running through the field,
    Where are you going with your fetlocks blowing in the wind?
    I want to shower you with sugarlumps,
    And ride you over fences,
    Polish your hooves every single day,
    And bring you to the horse dentist,

    My lovely horse,
    You're a pony no more,
    Running around with a man on your back,
    Like a train in the night,
    Like a train in the night

    1. I actually managed to get this song stuck in my head once (and I wasn’t even watching Father Ted at the time).

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