Indie games made with Unity

Make Games! published a huge list of indie titles, many of them free or trivially inexpensive, made using the wildly popular game-making software Unity—I know what I'll be doing next weekend! If you're feeling inspired, Make Games!' getting started page links to essential articles and Unity alternatives for developers of any skill level.


  1. “Genre: First Person Tweedpunk open world survival shooter (with mustaches)”

    I predict 3Q 2013 to be the time that Tweedpunk comes into its own.  Especially with mustaches.

    1. Can you suggest a ramping-up resource somewhere between the maddeningly-slow intro videos and “hey – here’s a full-fledged game to take apart – enjoy!” that seem to characterize  Unity’s own learning resources?

      1. I found the tutorials useful in the beginning step by step but to be honest most of what I do has just been thrown in at deep end and solving specific problems and built up my knowledge from that.

  2. Every time I try to use Unity I run headlong into a showstopper bug that hasn’t been fixed since it was first released.

    For example, trying to make a Tie Fighter play-alike, I find out that joystick support is completely broken and has been since forever. 

    1. What’s the bug? I’ve used a joystick in a previous simulation project and mostly worked ok although it never went through to production so I don’t know if there would have been end user issues with various hardware etc.

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