Laser-etched Tesla "Souvenir of Wardenclyffe" vase

Rachel writes, "My chap and I are dedicated steampunks and geeks. My chap Andy also happens to be the owner of a very tidy laser cutter! Put the two together and you end up with our fabulous tribute to Nikola Tesla in the form of a beautiful laser etched vase entitled Souvenir of Wardenclyffe featuring a super illustration via Leo Blanchette. The back of the vase is also etched using a sample of Tesla's own handwriting!"

Nikola Tesla Souvenir of Wardenclyffe Laser etched Vase Steampunk (Thanks, Rachel)


  1. I could not hang out with these people.  I’d slap someone on the sixth time they said “chap” in a paragraph.

    Also, that’s nice that they’re paying respects to the newly remodeled laboratory, but is this licensed?  I’d hate to see that place barely get on its feet and lose out to the merchandising revenue because they didn’t protect themselves from knockoffs.

    On a final note, I think Nikolai wasn’t into “steam”.  Inventing beyond the steam era seemed like the whole point…

    1.  I wrote the Etsy folks to ask “are you donating proceeds to the museum?”  Then I wrote the actual Wardenclyffe folks to give them a heads up.  They’re looking into it. 

      1. I’m as excited for them as the next guy, but they bought a plot of land. They have no claim to the name or Tesla’s drawings/inventions. They can look into it all they want, but its not going to matter.

  2. Try explaining to your family that, no, this is not a picture of a 3-d electric penis.

  3. At the moment, Wardenclyffe is pretty far from being remodeled. They are currently conducting clean-up parties for the overgrown grounds.  A monumental task to say the least  ( I live 15 min away and pass it often.) 

    I would hate to think that some of the etsy proceeds are not being donated, as the “souvenir” appears to have no actual affiliation with the Tesla Science Center.  The piece says Wardenclyffe and is trading on this specific name for profit.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    1. They bought a plot of land. Any claim to Tesla’s drawings or the name to his lab have long slipped into the public domain.

  4. It’s F’ing awesome. I want one, but I would break it in two weeks. It is really nicely done. Bravo!

    1.  Illegal representation is not “F’ing awesome”.

      Fact: The Tesla Science Center loses money behind unauthorized goods, as the makers profit from the fake souvenirs who illegally use their name.

      1. They bought a plot of land, not a license to Tesla’s work which is probably long since in the public domain. It says Wardenclyffe. Big deal. Perhaps they could make a strong case if it said “Tesla Science Center” – but the name of a lab thats been defunct for 100 years isn’t impeding on the rights of anybody.

        1. They said it was a souvenir.  If they just left it as a “tribute”, there would probably be no ownership problem.

          I guess it’s just a wait and see how it turns out.

  5. I’m the guy who made these. I wasn’t aware of this post. I am aware of the Tesla museum and I think it’s a pretty neat idea.  That’s why there’s a few of these vases already waiting to go out the the museum, and to The Oatmeal (who I believe deserve a bunch of credit for this too) so that they can use them in some promotional way, raffle them, or just stick them on their mantelpiece if they want to.  I don’t feel _obliged_ to do this, because any sort of claim over Wardenclyffe is long into the public domain by now. I was doing it because I was _grateful_ to these people, because Tesla Museums are a pretty cool thing.

    I’m sorry to see that a few utter jerks here tonight are living up to the high standards of internet comments and the usual complaints from the peanut gallery. No, I’m not selling these vases any more. If you wanted one, sorry – ask Art or elusis if they’ll make one for you. I’m sure they contribute to all sorts of projects.

    Nice result guys  8-(

      1. Because my gf has spent the evening in tears and I don’t need this sort of crap.  Especially not from someone who plays the big cheese on the steampunk design circuit, but gets all protectionist if anyone else makes something Tesla-themed.

        1. Bummer. Haters gonna hate, but it’s your creation to handle your way, and that’s respectable.

          Too bad though. But hey, use that talent to keep making cool shit!

    1. Show a spine. If you want to cower to idiocy become a politician. Otherwise, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    1. Stop justifying your actions to idiots who can’t figure out how a dictionary works and tell your girlfriend to stop being so sensitive to the internet.

    1. Art, while it is admirable you know souvenir is the word, it has no bearing on anything long since in the public domain. You are picking a fight your mind isn’t equipped to handle. The Tesla Science Center has no right to anything other than a deteriorated SuperFund site.

    2. Yes, you said that. Yes, you did, say, that. It’s been said.

      Very creative of you. Very very creative.

  6. “Souvenir” doesn’t necessarily mean “item from some place’s gift shop”.  It is an item that is meant to call to mind a memory, in which case, this item is perfectly appropriate, especially in an appropriately archaic way:
    souvenir (n.) 1775, “a remembrance or memory,” from French souvenir, from Old French, noun use of souvenir (v.) “to remember, come to mind,” from Latin subvenire “come to mind,” from sub- “up” + venire “to come” (see venue). Meaning “token of remembrance, memento” is first recorded 1782.

    1. Stop Jim with these nonsense definitions, you are confusing the least educated among us with obvious answers and you are going to suck the righteous indignation right out of their sails!

    1. I am, and I feel like according to some of the numb skulls I feel like I’m violating some IP laws!

    1. If by controversy you mean ramblings of people who have no idea what they are talking about and being corrected on it – yes, controversy. Not quite Janet’s nipple at half time, but yes.

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