Thinnest gaming laptop

Gamers sick of bulky laptops should take a peek at the "ultra-portable" Razer Blade. Though not in the same cheesecutting league as a MacBook or Lenovo X-series, the slab is less than .9" thick and weighs 6.5 pounds, even with a 17.3"display and 2GB GeForce video card. At $2,299 and up, though, it seems crazy expensive. (The press release claims $1,799, but I couldn't configure it that cheaply at the site).


  1. And it sounds like a leaf blower while still burning your legs because thinness and good cooling are mutually exclusive goals? 

    1. I’ve got a Yoga, which at 17mm is thinner than either the Lenovo X-series (19mm) or this beast (21mm).  I’ve run it all out playing Prey (forgive me, Anita Sarkeesian, I really didn’t know what I was getting into) under Wine and the laptop handled it quite nicely without setting my jeans on fire.

  2. What Sehro said.  The difference between the normal Blade and the Pro is screen size.  The Blade is 14″ and is thinner.

  3. Thin laptops aren’t really THAT portable, as they almost always need lots of protection, so they need big, heavy cases whenever you move them around.

    More importantly, how can you project a Internet-Tough-Guy image if you’re trying to kill every gawd-dang thing that moves on Serious Sam, while using a delicate egg-shell of a laptop?
    Give me one of these, any day:

    1. “how can you project a Internet-Tough-Guy image if you’re trying to kill every gawd-dang thing that moves on Serious Sam, while using a delicate egg-shell of a laptop?”

      By making sure it’s named after the only thing that gets more badass the thinner and more delicate it is: a cutting edge.

      I love how often advertisers come back to that well. Blade servers, the Motorola RAZR phone, this “Razer Blade”…I’m sure there’s more.

  4. I don’t think that is so crazy expensive. My custom ordered DELL XPS 17 3D was $2500 with a nearly $500 student discount. and other high end laptops go for many thousands more.

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