How the Amish are getting fracked


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  1. Brainspore says:

    I hope undercover cop Harrison Ford punches those energy company executives right in the face.

  2. peregrinus says:

    But someone else could sue?

  3. euansmith says:

    Sometimes I really wonder about some folks. I guess these guys come from the same part of the bell curve as malware producers and patent trolls. No doubt they will win some sort of prize for business acumen. 

  4. Kenmrph says:

    I found this searching for Battlestar Galactica/Pennsylvania Dutch mashup porn. Very disappointed.

  5. vrplumber says:

    Frackin’ Amish, how do they work?

    • benher says:

       They shall hereafter work by activating the fracking machines! All they must do is push… a button. *rimshot*

  6. Allison Moon says:

    This area was also home to an EPA disaster/coverup about 30 years ago.  The Cleveland free weekly Scene Magazine did a great investigation about this and the resulting cancer spike.  Ohio’s own Erin Brokovich. 
    My family is from this area (though not Amish, just white working class folks).

  7. L_Mariachi says:

    Couldn’t they “outsource” the lawsuits to non-Amish, the way Orthodox Jews sometimes hire goyim to do stuff on the Sabbath?

    • Knifesmith says:

       Or much like the Amish who do own cars often hire “English” drivers?

      The problem is likely to be that anyone they “outsource” to being the suit will not have legal standing to file it.

      • knappa says:

        My understanding is that, due to wheat restrictions on Passover, some observant Jews will sell their grain containing items (whiskey, etc.) to a trusted non-Jew with the understanding that it will be sold back when Passover is over. 

        There is no obvious reason (to me) why the Amish can’t do the same with their land for the duration of a trial.

        • Nagurski says:

           That seems like a really good solution, especially since they can sever the mineral rights, and just sell those and keep the rest of their land. Maybe some honest broker can act as proxy on these gas deals.

    • OgilvyTheAstronomer says:

      God may be omniscient, but he sure has a blind spot for loopholes.

  8. Nagurski says:

    The English are nothing but trouble. 

  9. redesigned says:

    what if god command them to sue?

    couldn’t we just hire james earl jones to do some god voiceovers commanding them to sue and hide wireless speakers in the trees around various homes and transmit the recordings to them? significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…er i mean miracles.  :-)

  10. jco says:

     like “bikini bandits: go dutch” ?

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