Senators skip classified briefing on NSA spying so they can fly home for Father's Day weekend

A briefing offered to US senators by senior intelligence officials on the NSA surveillance programs "failed to attract even half of the Senate, showing the lack of enthusiasm in Congress for learning about classified security programs." []


  1. In Washington, weekends and holidays are always strategic information assets. This is not a joke.

  2. The NSA is going to lie to them, too, so they probably thought, ‘What’s the point?’

      1. And…already caught!  I was joking, but it actually happened:  They can’t tell the truth at all, even under oath, in a classified briefing before members of Congress.  Every word means something else, and you can’t know the meaning of that word, because it’s classified.

  3. Oh for christ’s sake. Any other job these assholes would seriously be fired, to be replaced by temps and interns.

    1. My experience has been the the people who shirk the most work often rise rapidly to the top.

      1. Can’t fire them for some reason, so give them a promotion to get rid of them and make them someone else’s problem, or give them more and more work and responsibility until they get enough shit that they can’t cope and leave or you have enough fuel to fire them. 

        Wait, didn’t I get 3 promotions this week?

        1. I can tell you that, in the hospital, nurses who weren’t that great clinically often ended up in administrative roles.

    2. Obviously the government’s Quality Control is asleep at the wheel. Oh wait, that’s us voters, isn’t it?

      1. Oh snap! Except that lobbying, corruption, poll manipulation, gerrymandering, and thinly-veiled contemporary disenfranchisement isn’t exactly helping us out either I suppose. There’s only so much job you can do when your tools have been dismantled.

    3.  Temps and interns already do much of the work.  No congresscritter reads the 500 page bill they are voting on or even wrote it. (Lobbyists write one hell of a lot of our legislation also  Interns do most of that and I am surprised there aren’t more shenanigans being inserted into legislation because of that.

  4. Good to know that american senators are still somewhat similar to Indonesian senators. Except that “father’s day weekend” basically means everyday here.

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