Carl Hiaasen's Bad Monkey


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  1. Big Bad Ted says:

    This author has brought so many smiles and laughing out loud  in dark airplanes over the years.  Based solely on this review, I will lighted up on my somewhat harsh interpretation of Boing Boing as a place for only those who take themselves way too seriously.  OK, maybe at least for the next week.   
    Thank you for the tip on what will certainly be a roller coaster of a fun summer read. 
    Charmed, I am sure.

  2. sdmikev says:

    I can’t wait, that one is on deck after I finish the last Michael Connelly book (Black Box) so the humor will be a nice change.  Then Joyland after that, the new King novel.
    To this day, one of my favorite passages from a novel is when we are introduced to Skink.

  3. grp00 says:

    I’ve been a  Carl Hiaasen fan for years.  I was born in Miami, grew up there, and can really identify with the people & atmosphere he creates in his books. I think his books have special meaning and insights to those of us who are native to the area.  It could also explain why I now live far away in the Pacific Northwest. :-)

  4. ocschwar says:

    You’d think that after 15 years of Fark being online, there’d be enough proof to force Hiaasen to admit he’s not a fiction writer. 

  5. xiguachi says:   hjfgjfghjf

  6. B P says:

    WARNING: do NOT attempt to drink any liquids while reading a Hiaasen book! Unless you actually like liquids exploding out your nose.

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