Kickstarting a spellbook for Pathfinder RPG

Wade sez, "Wolfgang Baur, roleplaying game designer and publisher of the late, lamented Kobold Quarterly magazine (successor to Dragon) has launched the Deep Magic Kickstarter bringing 300 new spells to Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Deep Magic smashed through its $10k funding goal in six hours and less than a week later is about to hit $50k. Deep Magic contributors include Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood and Pathfinder creator Jason Bulmahn, along with an array of other award-winning game designers and developers."

$35 is the minimum pledge for your own copy (normal crowdfunding caveat applies: you may get nothing for your money, though this one looks like a good bet for completion, given its principals' publishing experience).

Deep Magic is the ultimate sourcebook for new and variant magic in any fantasy setting, offering a bare minimum of 112 full-color pages. They feature:

* At least 12 new schools and styles of magic, including blood magic, clockwork magic, diabolism, dragon magic, grudge magic, ink magic, ley line magic, star & shadow magic, and several more
* 12 magic colleges and academies, each home to a magical style or tradition
* More than 300 new spells, including new ones for every spellcasting class in the Pathfinder RPG
* New spellcasting archetypes and new mythic spells
* And much more!

Deep Magic: A Tome of New Spells for Pathfinder RPG (Thanks, Wade!)


  1. Ugh. Pathfinder is everything that was bad about 3.X cranked up to 11. Why highlight this garbage? If Boing Boing is going to develop a sudden interest in RPGS, there are so many better indie RPGs out there that need real Kickstarting. Paizo might not be an enormous company, but they have a huge market share and shouldn’t need crowdfunding to rewrite existing 3.5 material.

    1. I’m one of the stretch goals on this project, which was made before my name was ever actually mentioned. That works out well because unlike the awesome people who are contributing I’m no one anyone’s really heard of. ^_^ I was very excited to see Cory share this (and Cory, totally owe you Ruby’s again when you’re back in Austin. ^_^)

      First, let me mention that the company actually doing this Kickstarter isn’t Paizo. It’s not that I have a problem with established names and companies using Kickstarter- I think it’s been pretty awesome so far- but I wanted to point out that the company doing the project is Kobold Press, a company owned and run by RPG great Wolfgang Baur.

      Kobold Press is a small company that has put out some terrific stuff. And while this book is for the Pathfinder system, as is a lot of what they publish, they also support other systems like Dragon Age, 4E and 13th Age, to name a few.

      I understand that Pathfinder isn’t everyone’s cup of tea- while it’s my favorite, I also enjoy oh, almost every other game out there. ^_^ I personally play just about any system I can when I get the chance, old school, new, simulationist, storytelling, rules-lite, rules-detailed, whatever. Sure, I like some things better than others at times, but I really like that there’s a ton of great stuff out there that people can enjoy together.

    2. And with that comprehensive list of them you posted you’ve made the job that much easier.  o_O

      All of these things need help but I can’t be bothered to mention them after the I hate RPG X statement.

      Of course it didn’t seem to offend you enough to just skip the post, but you managed to skate right past the part where it isn’t a Paizo product because that would get in the way of your rant.

      Oh and the parting shot about it already exists for 3.5 they are just rewriting it… nicely played.

      Maybe people like this system, maybe they don’t like a company where the brand manager called them not nice things and insulted the core of the game.  Maybe they have found the niche that seems to fit them and their customers, and those customers are willing to support other people putting out more content for the system.

      In closing thanks for ranting and don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out.

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