Bioshock's Ken Levine writing Logan's Run movie remake

Irrational Games co-founder Ken Levine, one of the main minds behind the BioShock series, is writing the script for a remake of the classic 1976 science fiction film Logan's Run (based on the 1969 novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson). Above, the 1976 film's spectacular trailer. Of course, this is not the first time Warner Bros has begun developing a remake of the movie. A couple years ago, Nicolas Winding Refn, of Drive and Pusher fame, was going to direct, with Ryan Gosling signed on as Logan. (Engadget, thanks Jess Hemerly!)


    1. Whenever I watch “Willy Wonka” and Charlie starts going up the air shaft towards the big fan after drinking the Fizzie Lifting Drink, I say “Renew! Renew!” 

  1. they can’t possibly provide “Box” with a better voice than that of  Roscoe Lee Browne …nope.

    1. There seems to be a Soylent Green tie-in there because Box is the fish man who processes (paraphrase) “fish, plankton, protein from the sea” but the seas died and now IT’S PEOPLE!!!!

      1. It’s kind of a disturbing thought, but Michael York is just about the right age to take on Peter Ustinov’s former role as the old guy with the cats.

        1.  And Farrah Fawcett-Majors is dead. So Sad.

          When that movie The Island with Ewan was first advertised, I thought it was a remake of this.

          1. I have to say, I feel really bad for Farrah. Nobody deserves such a gruesome death from cancer – well OK, maybe war criminals, but not Farrah. 

  2. Just had my original novels (well, novellas) signed my Mr. Nolan. He’s working on two more books with co-authors, as well as trying to get the original books back in print.

    I just hope Mr. Levine doesn’t turn it into Bioshock…

  3. Full title: Logan’s Running and Gunning, Eating From Bins, Listening to Audio Diaries

    1. If I had to live in an endless shopping mall full of people wearing shorty nightgowns, I’d probably ask to be euthanized.

  4. It’s been many years since I read the original novel, but I remember it being one awesomely messed-up book. It would be great if someone did a movie closer to the source material, although if that couldn’t be managed in the 70s there’s probably not much hope of it happening now.

    1. Part of the reason the movie worked so well in the 70s was that youth-led social movements were still very active and relevant. The original novel was written only a few years after Jack Weinberg famously coined the phrase “Don’t trust anyone over 30!”

      1. Which has been adjusted to today’s ‘don’t trust anyone over 25!’ (Take it back.)

  5. Man, that preview of the original “Logan’s Run” makes me realize just how much material “Battlestar Galactica” and “Buck Rogers” ripped off.  My childhood television memories are based on pure thievery!

  6. Looks like trailers in the seventies still gave the entire plot away! 
    Isn’t part of the fun of Logan’s Run finding out exactly what is outside the dome?The trailer is three minutes long too!

  7. This is sort of shameless, I know, but I recently recorded myself singing two Logan’s Run themes, both of which mysteriously had lyrics.

    First is Jerry Goldsmith’s love theme from the original film.

    The second is the theme from the Logan’s Run TV show, which I recently discovered also had lyrics. They’re just as terrible as Roddenberry’s lyrics to the original Star Trek theme.

    I apologize for the self-promotion and for embarrassing my children by posting these things for the world to see.

    1. Could I recommend using a back drop during the video proforma? Near the end you really cracked with intention. Bravo. 

      I love the Logan’s Run film, my anut and uncle took our family(young kids) too see it in the 70’s. They faked going too a PG film with tickets and sneaked us all in, 3 tweenies in tow. Back in the day smoking was allowed in movie theaters. 

      As a second hand stoner the movie seemed too ask a lot of important questions in terms of personal liberty and freedom.

  8. What a coincidence, just yesterday I was wondering what Hollywood was going to ruin next.  

    1.  Aw c’mon, it will be awesome.  Lots and lots of CGI, Kristen Stewart doing a dead-eyed/dead-faced version of Jessica 6, lots and lots of dubstep….

  9. As I understand it, the plan isn’t to remake the movie, it’s to give the book a proper adaptation. The distinction is pretty important.

    1. Will they do the scene where he’s tortured with Everlove, which is like Viagra except the priapism last more than four hours?

          1. I worked on a urology floor. Although priapism wasn’t usually an inpatient problem. I think that naturally occurring priapism is really uncommon.

          2. The point of Everlove was not that it created a priapism but that it caused satyriasis for males. Since the book was written in the 60’s, Everlove was probably modeled on the folkloric description of Spanish Fly, where someone is dosed with the stuff and then uses sex to try to relieve the irritation.  Logan had numerous orgasms, which become increasingly painful after the second one. 

        1. And here I thought priapism was diagnosed at the point that the patient runs out of things to do with an unwavering erection.

          Yeah, I guess that’d take about four hours.

          1. And here I thought priapism was diagnosed at the point that the patient runs out of things to do with an unwavering erection.

            I understand what each separate word in this sentence means, but the implications of the totality are inconceivable.

  10. Logan5 meets Jessica6 on “The Circuit” which I think was the invention of  ChatRoulette

  11. Notice that when we meet Jessica 6  (Jenny Agutter) she is clearly not wearing panties, but when the plot requires more climbing around she wears a pair of granny bloomers.

    1. The context is a little different in that scene, though. When we first meet her she’s putting herself out there on the sex network, so an absence of panties is understandable.

  12. When I saw this film I definitely felt they didn’t spend enough time detailing “the circuit” or holding the camera steady when Jessica6 needed to put on the furs when they met Box.

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